Info needed on PSA testing

ivamaeJanuary 26, 2005

I will admit I am very ignorant on the subject.I understand that a raised PSA reading may indicate prostate cancer. A family member recently was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had the complete prostate removed. They felt everything was contained inside the prostate. However, it had gone into one nerve which they also removed and cells had also escaped into the urethra tube at the apex of the prostate. The surgeon says that the cells were probably sucked back into the gland when the urethra tube was severed to remove the gland. I find this a little hard to totally believe. He said that he could order radiation treatments, now, but that would cause complete impotentcy. He prefers to do another PSA test in 3 months and another in 6 months. I was of the opinion that the PSA test only showed cells inside the prostate. Would it also show a reading for malignant cells outside the prostate ( which is now gone) for exampple in the lymph nodes or bones, etc. I am quite concerned and don't want to worry needlessly. Unfortunately when we were told that it had "escaped" outside the gland we were so shocked that we, of course, thought of questions after we got home.

Thanks for any answers.


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The PSA test is a blood test that shows how much antigen is in the blood. All men have some. It has something to do with semen production. The older a man gets, the higher the "normal" reading is acceptable. Prostatic cancer causes these readings to be much higher than normal. A PSA test does not, by itself, indicate cancer cells, only that there may be a problem that is caused by cancer. That is why he wants to wait and see what the reading will be in a few months.

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I found this site for you. It may answer some of your questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: PSA testing and results

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Thanks so much PeaBee4. I eally appreciate your help

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For anyone inerested in info on Prostate Cancer and PSA testing, I found a wonderful site at

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