Sofa brands comparable to Pearson?

therenothereDecember 26, 2011

I've had to buy a number of sofas over the past several months after moving, and really liked the Pearson sofas we ended up with for a sitting room - one is a chaise (2373) and the other has roll arms (2464 with all the trim). We got them through a sample sale and decided to custom order another Pearson sofa for the family room, which didn't go so well.

After a number of issues with our local retailer, when it finally arrived after 4 months there was a significant tear in the fabric. Not to mention the fact that the contrast welting we had asked for was crooked, and the upholstery was lumpy. It was also missing the cushion clips I saw on the previously purchased sofas.

So now I have to start over for that room and am a little wary of ordering from them again given that the quality has gone downhill, but their prices haven't. Is there another brand you'd recommend I consider? What I liked about the Pearson sofas was the emphasis on structure, comfort (LOVE the down option), and textiles.

We have also had Precedent, CB2, Bernhardt, and Mitchell + Gold upholstery and they all have their merits but for this family room I'd like something that will last us a long time despite daily use.

Thank you!

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Frame, spring and cushion construction plays a significant part in how well an upholstery piece will stand up to everyday use. But none more than the choice of material, so your first decision would be to determine this. Their are some tough fabrics/nonwovens and leathers/vinyl to choose from, however their is always compromises that will be made between; looks, comfort and durability. Match the cover material to how you will use the sofa and your expectations. Except maybe for Precedent line, the others you mentioned have varying levels of construction, and as with many other manufacturers you need to know exactly how the pacific sofa your looking at is constructed. Only deal with retailers and or manufacturers than will give this information out freely, and guarantee that information is correct.

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