Virginia Tech Tragedy

sudiepavApril 23, 2007

As the mother and grandmother of ones who died tragically, my heart and prayers go out to the parents and loved ones of those who died at Va. Tech. Such a waste of beautiful lives. I also lowered the flag in my yard to half staff to honor their memories. I wish there were something I could do, just as I wish there were something I could do for all of you who hurt so terribly. God Bless

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I think the whole country is grieving, Sudiepav. Our local elem. school has been flying the flag half-staff. It's a tragic heartbreak.

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I wish there was something we could do to change people's hearts. There is so much rage, so much hate rampant in the world today. I just don't understand how someone could be so lacking in empathy or compassion for other human beings. I would have torn out my own brain if I knew it would have saved my dear wife. On one side we have people who spend all their energy trying to save lives, and on the other side are people who spend all their energy planning to destroy lives. If it's at all possible that just one such person may be reached and their heart turned, we could prevent another such tragedy from occurring. May the families of the victims find grace during this time. Forgive me, I just don't know what else to say.

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