Renewal for SS Disability

Pooh BearJanuary 1, 2005

I had to go out to the SS office last week for a yearly update.

Seems that every year they want to make sure their records are correct for my address and phone number and other stuff.

The woman that was interviewing us mentioned that in 2006 I would have a review hearing to make sure I still qualified for disability. I knew this would happen eventually.

Has anyone gone thru this review process.

What does it involve.

I don't know what I would do if they denied me a renewal on this.

I am wondering what to expect.


Pooh Bear

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I believe the review interval is set when you are first approved. A younger person with a less serious condition would be put on a tighter review cycle than a person who is older or has a more obvious disability. I haven't seen it, but I think you will be asked for recent medical records or sent for an exam if there are none, and you will be asked to do another daily activities report.

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