Have I gone too far?

journ2trainApril 14, 2008

My dad was murdered almost 12 years ago when I was 18. I still miss him, but I've healed and am pretty whole. Any really good friend knows about the ordeal because somewhere along the lines they ask about folks. Well, a relatively new friend where I live depends on me to listen to him a lot. I brought up my dad a couple times, but he never really responded, just changed the subject. I was really hurt and when this happened yesterday I basically told him that he was self-absorbed and he can't relate everything in his life to mine -- especially this. Now he's really hurting, I know. But I can't believe some people. Am I being overly critical? Thanks in advance for any comments!!!

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sounds like you told him what he needed to hear (not that he's likely to use it productively, but there's only so much you can do).

The "friendship" was a one-way street going his way:
your part was to be there for him & his part was to let you be there for him.

plus the fact that he hasn't even got the manners to fake it & mumble the appropriate social noises ("oh, I'm so sorry").

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I think that he values your opion, and he wants to be like
you. People only ask the people they want to be like what
they would do. You've been a good friend to him and he trust
you, just like you trust him. Maybe this is why you
want him to know about your father. Just because he does'nt
ask doesn't mean he don't care about you. He may already
know and just don't know how or what to say.
This friend must mean something to you, that is why you
want to share this very sad and personal experience with
I hope that you've worked every thing out and things are
good for you.

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