Sofa Fabric Blend

missmaryDecember 5, 2012

Any thoughts on this fabric blend for a sofa?

40% polyester
31% hemp
29% cotton

Cleaning is solvent

This furniture will not get a lot of use

Thank You
Miss Mary

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In general, synthetics clean better and wear better than natural fibers. Natural fibers being shorter (cm vs km) tend to "fibrillate" that is, fuzz on the ends leaving a frosted appearance (think of well-worn blue jeans).

Many things listed as S-clean (solvent) are water cleanable if done carefully, but some are not. Be aware that solvent cleaning is largely ineffective against normal soling, foods, body fluids, food dyes, organic stains, etc.

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I suggest this solvent base cleaner, C60, as it will clean about all soils and stains. You need to test first on fabrics that recommend water base cleaners only, as you can get water spots. This is a professional cleaner so use good judgement. Can be purchased online.

Here is a link that might be useful: C-60

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