macbirchDecember 1, 2005

Appreciate any comments on Natuzzi sofas, fabric as well as leather. Thanks.

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DH and I took the plunge last weekend and purchased a Natuzzi sofa from Sears, called 'Bari'. We went to over a dozen stores in a two-day period and sat in what felt like over 100 couches - we fell in love with an Ekornes leather couch but couldn't swallow the price - bought two Ekornes chairs instead! But the Natuzzi was the first runner up in the couch competition and we quite happily purchased it, and it was on sale (C$400 off). It's in a moss green microfibre, a nice neutral that will go nicely with the new chairs and everything else in the room. Salesman told us the base is engineered hardwood, impervious to climactic fluctuations which is important in our climate with dry heat in the winter and humidity in the summer. But the main selling point was that it's really comfortable - lots of back support and seat support, not too stiff or too soft; and it just had a well-made feel to it and it looks great. We get it on Dec. 10 and are really looking forward to it. Link below to our new couch on the Sears Canada site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natuzzi 'Bari'

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Be careful right now. Natuzzi is one of the largest manufacturers of furniture in the world. They are based in Italy and have been very successful for years selling mid pricepoint leather to "the world". Now the problem comes in; they shut down almost all of their Italian manufacturing and have gone to China with many, many, many problems. They are a company in a state of disaray right now and you may want to purchase stock or special order from someone else right now.

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Thank you both. We tried sofas which looked fabulous but were too uncomfortable to imagine sitting in them for long. We tried sofas which were comfortable but looked 20-30 years old stylewise. We tried one sofa which looked good and felt comfortable but only came in a choice of two colours in a very cheap fabric and after a few minutes we realised we could feel the bases through what had at first seemed like wonderfully soft seats. So we were thrilled when we found Natuzzi which seemed to have the complete package of looks, comfort and quality construction. But we've had some concerns and heard some things. So thanks for the warning Jake5. Agree with your comments about the comfort tess. Any more comments most welcome.

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How much is the sofa? I'm no expert but when I was shopping for sofa the sales person does not recommend Natuzzi. She said the frame is particle board and falls apart quickly. If you search Natuzzi on this forum you will also find some compliants about its quality.

I will go for it if it's cheap though if you love the style.

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We had a Natuzzi sofa and loveseat, dark brown, and both had cracked leather, as well as one cushion almost going flat. The leather repairman sent by the warranty company had once worked for Natuzzi, and said that their quality was far from acceptable. The warranty company ended up giving us the replacement cost for both pieces (Natuzzi no longer had our color), and we exchanged our items for pieces made by DeCoro. The "Natuzzi guy" said that this manufacturer had a much better reputation, and that he had not had any service calls on their stuff--just Natuzzi. I'd steer clear of Natuzzi.

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Well finally got my Natuzzi sofa after having to wait an extra week and a half for delivery - bad omen off the start? Came this morning, delivery men pretty much dumped it and ran, this after tracking muck into my house from their shoes. I unwrapped it and to my dismay (stupid, I should have checked at the store!) discovered that the feet are PLASTIC, strong plastic but still plastic. Bad omen number two? Got the thing upright and went to move it only to discover that I could freely lift up the right side - with one hand. You are not supposed to do that with heavy, well made furniture. When I checked the left side, it proved to be nice and sturdy, no movement, but the right side - definite indication of a broken frame. And quite frankly I wasn't truly pissed off, I think in the back of my head I expected there to be a problem. So Sears says they'll replace it, pick this one up and give us a new one on Christmas Eve. But after thinking about it off and on all afternoon, I don't think I want it anymore. How can a frame break just by delivering it? I've moved my 14 year old Ikea couch countless times and it's still solid as when I got it, the couch that we just gave back to the inlaws (30 odd year old thing) has also been moved countless times, and still it was totally solid when we gave it back to them a week and a half ago. So rant over.

Told DH on the phone today after I reported to him the problem with the new couch that if they deliver a bad one on Saturday we're off to buy the Ekornes sofa that we'd really like to have but is rather pricey - we just spent Cdn$5,000 on two Ekornes Stressless chairs so we'd be budget stretching. But I think I'll just tell him when he gets home that I want to cancel the replacement couch and go buy the Ekornes. I think that would make me happy. The Natuzzi is a great looking couch, no issues at all with the fabric covering but what a disappointment. Couches aren't supposed to break that easy! Thanks for letting me vent...


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We were on the verge of buying a Natuzzi a few years ago. Found this board. Months later had a Hancock & Moore City Sofa (Large) for just a few hundred more than the Natuzzi we were considering. Speaking from PERSONAL OPINION, the H&M is dramatically higher quality than the Natuzzi starting with the frame, parts in-between, & ending with the leather. JMHO. I bought it from Donna & Elite Interiors.

Note: there will be little overlap stylistically between H&M & Natuzzi. Zagaroli Classics might be of interest to you as well in that they were recognized for high quality for price &, if memory serves, had offerings closer to Natuzzi with regard to style.

I make no pretense that my opinion is the only right one. Others will have different opinions. I offer all of this as something to consider for those on the verge of a buy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zagaroli Classics

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Well, we decided to take delivery of Natuzzi couch number 2. Delivery men unwrapped it on our front patio so that we could check it before bringing it into the house. And yup, to our dismay, it was exactly like couch number 1 - had the same loose/broken frame issue. So we had delivery men pack it back up and remove couch number 1 too for return to Sears. Went to the store to get our refund and checked the floor model - confirmed that it's sturdy (so why weren't the two that they delivered to me sturdy?). Got our money back then went couch shopping, ended up at the store where we purchased our Stressless chairs in November and bought an Ekornes couch to go with the chairs. Cost double what the Sears couch cost; we didn't want to spend that much since it's just the two of us and we'll be sitting 95% of the time in the chairs, couch is really just for company. But we're happy with our new purchase - it's the Ekornes Manhattan, it'll be in the same Paloma leather as the chairs and brown wood colour. We picked a new colour of theirs called "Stone" which unfortunately means the furniture has to come from Norway, it's not stocked in their New Jersey factory. We have about another 8 weeks til we get the chairs and 12 weeks til we get the couch. And then we'll be happy.

I've definitely joined the "do not buy Natuzzi camp".


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Jesus, Mary and Moses ... I'm glad I stumbled across this. We have been looking at the Natuzzi Catania II at Sears for the great price of $1800 (with tax and after rebates/sales). Like the look, comfort, texture of the leather, high enough back for me to sit on it ... was unsure of the quality of leather ... now I'm fully unsure of the quality of the structure. I wonder ... is 18 months later long enough for Natuzzi to get their act together in their Chinese factories? Anyone bought Natuzzi recently .... or can recommend an similarly priced, yet higher quality leather sofa?

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Jaymar or Palliser will be in a similar price range, and higher quality. There are other brands, but that's what I'm most familiar with. And special orders will come from Canada, not China.

BTW, in my territory Natuzzi is looking for a sales rep. Most pro reps I've spoken to aren't even interested in interviewing, and the few that will aren't even sure they'll take the job if its offered. My how things change.

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jnacci, How about this one from Elite Leather:

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As a follow up to jnacci's message, I'm looking for info on the Natuzzi Catania II as I really like it and it is in my price range. I can't seem to find many details on it, such as the frame construction material etc. Should I still be worried about Natuzzi? Have they improved since 05? It is the only couch so far that both myself and my partner have agreed on! Thanks!

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October 2008 - We too are looking at the Natuzzi Catina II at Sears. It's on sale right now for $1700 (Reg $2250). The floor model is incrediably comfortable and the leather feels very good (soft yet strong). The seating cushions are perfectly to our liking (soft yet firm ) and the back rest cushions are equally supportive. We really like the feel of the floor model. After sitting in what feels like a 1000 sofas over the past week it is by far the best one for us under $2000.

Any updates on the quality and construction issues of Natuzzi? Are things still being made in China? The Sears website for this Natuzzi sofa says it has "advanced technology 'engineered frames' made from european hardwoods". What does that mean exactly - not solid wood frames?? thanks in advance...

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Hi every one I just returned 2 ,3seat Natuzzi units to the store.
They sent our their repair man after the bottom let go. We never had more than 1 or 2 people on those darn things usually one person streching out.they lasted a total of 8 months. I'm really not impressed.

For future reference the term "enginered" means cheap materials used instead of proper expensive wood, just like hardwood floor cheap thin surface over cheep ply wood only go for solid hard wood. Like fram used to say "pay me now or pay me later"

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FYI Engineered hardwood is plywood. 5/4 kiln dried hardwood is preferable but there is a place for plywood as well. I am not sure what Natuzzi uses.

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