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patricia8095April 2, 2008

I lost my mom, my grandma, my aunt all in 3 years. My family is all gone now. I have a son still and hopefully I will have him for years past my time. Talk about being lonely... My mom was a good heart and soft person who had been abused most of her life now I hope she can rest in peace. She believe strongly in the after life for her, I hope there is. I miss her each and every day that passes. The loneliness only gets worse each day. Easier... No not really. Easier is for those who still have someone who is holding them when they cry. That day I have not seen all I get is "GET OVER IT" you are not the only one. One has to wonder.

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Patricia, whoever told you that is a very cold hearted person. Somebody said that grief and love are the same coin, one heads and one tails so to speak. The more we love the harder it is to lose someone. I know that must be the lesson we are here to learn, and although God must love us all He sure makes us learn a painful lesson here on Earth.

I am sorry you are so lonely and heartbroken. The hurt doesn't get easier with time as people like to say. I think your soul develops a type of scab over the raw wound, but it is always there and always will be.

My mom left over 2 years ago, and I can break down just about every day. I loved her so much and it hurts not being able to talk to her and give her a hug.

Please know there are kind people in the world.

If you want to email me sometime please feel free to do so.


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It's been almost exactly a year since mom went to the hospital, and I guess because I have an innate feeling that I will see her again at the end of my time, it does make it easier, but I often am overcome by sadness, particularly when there are days when I really need her in my life, and to be able to talk to her....I've never really had a friend like my mom.

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It has been six weeks since my Dad passed away. I think about Him every day. I don't think that will ever change. I can't imagine a world without Him in it. I live in the same town that I grew up in and pass the places where He took us sleigh riding when I was kid and my kids, too. Our church and school. The home He lived in when he passed and I grew up in. I am reminded of Him everywhere. I Love Him dearly and I hope He knows that in Heaven. All of our hearts are aching. It will take time to learn to live without those we miss and love.

I will always Love my Daddy. I am glad that I had Him for my father. The best thing I can think of doing is to be the kind of person he was. He set a wonderful example for me. Whether here or in Heaven, it would hurt me to do anything that I know is not right because I had such a nice and good Daddy and am thankful for his example.

All the wonderful things our loved one did for us and their sacrifices live on inside of us. They taught us how to Love by Loving us. The best tribute we can give them is to keep on with our lives by passing all these wonderful gifts to our children, families and friends. Keep them alive by talking about them and not forgetting the stories they told us about their lives. My Dad told me so many stories from when he was a kid and about his Mom who I never met. I felt like I knew these people. I smile when I think about it because he was such a great story teller and such a fun person! I will continue to keep His memories alive and pass his words down to my children. My daughter even took him to school when she was in Junior High. Sort of like "show and tell" and her classmates got to hear his first hand account of his time spent as a soldier during WWII. My son interviewed him and wrote about his life story for a journalism class in College. The Professor loved it . What a great Dad I had.

We will miss Them for sure. I wish we could all give each other a big big Hug. It really really hurts. What a hole we have in our Hearts. I feel for all of you. "They" say that this is just another part of life and to move on with your life. Much easier said than done when it happens to you.

We will always grieve for these missing loved ones. Nothing can change the pain that goes along with it. Until we meet them again, we will feel their loss in our lives.

Peace to all of you who are feeling sad. We are holding each other's hands here. We all know how it hurts....

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Tender, that was so very eloquent. You have a gift (from your Dad?) of writing that goes hand in hand with your dad's gift of storytelling.

I know some may not believe, and that is okay because I know what I feel/smell/hear and see at certain times. Please keep yourself open to signs from your loved ones.

Friday night we had a storm blowing in. Tornado watches in effect. Part of the sky was dark, part was a brilliant blue...and a large white fluffy cloud came overheard..churning and turning and churning some more. I looked up to see my mom's face! And then I saw she was holding a baby in her arms! It was me! What a wonderful sign for my mom to send me from heaven! I have other examples that are just as extraordinary.

These signs convince me that love survives all and our loved ones are in a paradise too great for us to even imagine on this planet.

I wish we could all give each other a hug too. I know how it hurts as you all do.


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