Home remedy for infected finger?

heidihoJanuary 23, 2004

It started with a small paper cut 2 days ago; now my finger is red, swollen and infected. All I have is an off brand anti-biotic salve and that's not working. I also have no Epson salt but I have been soaking it in regular salt warm water but that's not helping either. Can't get to the store until tomorrow. How can something so small and minor hurt so much? It just keeps throbbing!!

Anyone have a home remedy? Thanks so much to all of you.

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Call the doctor. It started out as a simple paper cut, but now it's much more serious. The usual advice is to see your doctor if the wound becomes infected, as yours has.

The usual treatment for small wounds is:

1. Wash the area thoroughly

2. Apply antibiotic salve

3. Cover with a bandaid or other bandage.

The salve should be reapplied three times a day.

If infection develops, see your doctor.

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I would go to the doc too - I have read about staph infections getting in to minor wounds just like this, and they can be quite serious.

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When you see red streaks running up your arm.....it's time to call an ambulance.....and by getting in to the dr ASAP you might save yourself a lot of more serious stuff.....believe it or not...infection in a samll cut can kill you.....and epsom salts and Bacitracin aren't going to help a lot at this stage.
Linda C

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Friend of mine lost his finger with home doctoring.It's time to see a professional.

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Went to the Dr. and she drained it and put me on antibiotics. Thanks for caring. Have a nice evening.

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Thanks for the update - so many times we never hear "the end of the story". Hope it's completely healed soon :)

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Glad to know you're on the mend....Eliza ann

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Simple things like that should never be put off. An actor in the series Angel died of an abscessed tooth. He didn't die right away but the abscess cause a heart problem, a valve if I remember right and he died a year or two later. For anyone interested it was the green actor who let customers sing in his club. He could read their minds when they sang

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