Where to start laying the floor?

qillerJune 17, 2011

Hi all,

Thanks to this forum, we've finally made up our mind on engineered floors (7/16" Lauzon NextStep...), and now ready to do self install. Since we want to replace the entire main level, and want to go for a seamless look between rooms, I've been thinking about a good place to start laying those floors.

Here is approximate floor layout:

There are a lot of corners in that layout, and we'll be going around cabinets, not under them. Is green or red line a good place to start, to give a straightest base line? Or just go like usually from outside wall, probably in blue line in the living room?

Since we'll be using staples/cleats, if starting in the middle of the room, I don't really like an idea of face nailed boards going across the entire span of the house, where they are quite visible. Could I go with, say, glue and blind nailing?


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Start on the outside wall. Snap a line at the green line where you can go all the way across and then take all your measurements from that and you will stay straight through out.
If you do end up going backwards at some point in the layout glue a spline into the starter board. No face nailing.

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I'd start in the middle. Since the cabinets are installed, the red line is where I'd start.
This minimizes the effect of your opposite outside rows not running parallel to the exterior walls. Few houses are built so square that starting on an outside wall and going to the opposite will finish out correctly without some major adjustments being made.

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The red line would be my choice also. Fasten a straight edge board that you are absolutely sure is straight (strike a chalk line first as a guide) and then butt your first line of planks to that. Use the spline, as was mentioned, to reverse direction for the other half of the room. You can pin the groove edge of the starter plank down before you install the spline to be sure that you won't have a slight lift where the two groove edges meet.

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If you start on the outside wall...But! take all your measurements from the red or green line you in effect are as straight as the red or green line and you do not have to reverse direction. Your base line can be what ever you want it to be but you just take measurements off it. It will also tell you what is square and what is not.

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What don says is true; I have done some jobs that way. It is possible.

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If the material permits, when starting in the middle you make and insert a spline in the groove of the starter board and nail tongues in both directions. With interlocking flooring I don't know if this is possible; maybe they make a board with two male edges?

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Some unfinished flooring manufacturers used to make double tongue flooring but the ready availability of slip tongue has pretty much eliminated the need for it.

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