'I Am Home'

tikiwoowooApril 8, 2008

I AM HOME by Mike Dooley at tut.com

And now, I am HOME;

And I am supremely happy, in a "place" of profound and unspeakable beauty. A place where all are bathed in showers of unconditional LOVE. I am home, and before long, you will be too, and we will be together always. But until we embrace again, let me also share this with you... so that you can better understand those things that may trouble you the most:

I now know that the love I feel here was at all times on earth too, and all one must do in order to feel it, is to KNOW it is there. This love that shines on you now is there to comfort and console, to heal and restore, and to bring laughter and joy. You have set lofty goals for yourself and the challenges you've chosen are admirable, but with this love and the faith that you can do all things, even these noble callings will one day soon be little more than baby steps in your march to gaining dominion over every time-space illusion. You will prevail. Your dreams, as well as the obstacles placed on your path, are gifts given you so that you might sooner see this Light that now surrounds you.

Of these gifts, my parting was one. You need not be sad, for even now I am with you - though you must close your eyes to see me. The illusion of death presses one on to greater understandings, for only when faced with darkness can you begin to properly seek the light. A light that will reveal that there can be no endings, goodbyes, or sadness, without beginnings, reunions, and happiness, and that you and I are unlimited Beings of Light adventuring throughout creation so that we may rediscover the magnificence of our own divinity. We are Gods rolling like thunder through the heavenly landscapes of eternity, where there are only miracles, there is only love, and Everything is holy.

Before you on earth there remain infinite possibilities for the most fulfilling time of your life, in a universe conspiring on your behalf. The world is indeed your oyster, though your "work" is not yet done, and you will be happiest if you cling not too tightly to the past. But if you must, take solace in your times of sorrow by knowing that I am always there, that I will be at your triumphant homecoming, and that I too have prepared a place for you in a blissful celebration that is only just beginning.

I love you so. I am happy. God speed.

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It would be logical to think that when we enter Heaven there will be a spiritual change. As if we would finally become "whole" again. As a result of this transformation our relationships with one another would become perfect in that we are set free. Even the most mature of us struggle thru life with our relationships. Sometimes we cannot overcome barriers that keep us from truthfuly experience other people due to pride, jealousy, shame......It is so sad that these issues cannot be worked out here on earth while we are here together. It is even more so when the people involved are those closes to us as in families. Try as we might we cannot get it right with parents, spouses, children. We love them but it is not yet perfect.

I think also that Heaven, our final home, is not a stagnant place as Hope is eternal. We will no longer have to grow toward perfection but grow in perfection.

One of the hardest things for me to do is to let a person go when issues cannot be resolved. Sometimes people want something from you that you cannot give or the thing desired will cause infinite amounts of pain to others. Try as you might to maintain the connection you cannot. These people sometimes are lost to us in our lives. But, even so, we may meet again one day free from these earthly shackles which define us and Peace will be restored.

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