Restoration Hardware at a Discount??

pookyDecember 6, 2005

I love the furniture from RH but it is way out of my price range. Does anyone know where I can find a good deal on their pieces? I'm looking for a living room set...I love the Lancaster pieces they offer

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Wish you posted this earlier, they just had 20% off all regular price items yesterday and last Sunday. I heard they have this once a year.

There is an RH outlet in Leesburg, VA.

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Yeah, but 20% off regular price means 20% off retail. You can do a lot better on price and get the same or better quality.

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Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams company manufactures the furniture for RH. They have an outlet in Hickory NC. I'm taking a drive up tomorrow and will let you know if it's worth the trip.

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Thanks for the tip azack! I live in San Diego and will go check out homeloft, from their website, it looks good. I will post again later after I go check them out.

Also, azack, I think we should start a thread of good sources for these types of products. Places with the same products and quality as those Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn places, but with better prices. I know besides the Restoration Hardware Maxwell leather sofa, I have a big wish-list of other items I'd like to find at a discount, like the Camden Bookcase and Pottery Barn's Seabury chair.

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Ok, just went out there today and it's perfect. I dealt with the owner's wife, who was such a sweetheart, which makes me feel good about buying from them! They did caution me that "Maxwell" is Restoration Hardware's name for the sofa Mitchell Gold makes for Restoration, and that this one is called the Mavericks, made by Richter Designs.

Either way, I'm measuring to decide between a sofa and chair, or a sofa and loveseat before I order this weekend.

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kaivolte: That's great, yeah, I dealt with the husband there, but his wife was there to and they were both really nice. The internet is great...I'm glad my post helped as someone else's helped me.
They were very quick to tell me too about it being a different name, and that Richter used to make the Maxwell for Restoration Hardware.
I've got more space than I thought so I might add the chair.

I think your idea of creating a thread where we can share alternate resources for these kinds of products is a great idea. Let me know what you call it and I'll add to it if I can.

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Does anyone know of an online company that sells the Mavericks and will ship within the USA. Home loft doesn't ship to TX (where I live). I've been searching and searching, can't find anything. I saw a similar sofa at but I didn't like the stitching/piping on the edges of the cushions :(

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I used to like RH furniture, until I went inside the outlet in Leesburg, VA. Junk.

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I just went to website and their Mavericks sofa is $3299 while RH's Maxwell is $3780 on the web. Not much proce difference. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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Hmm? I was just at Restoration Hardware 2 days ago getting some drawer pulls and it was still near $4500, but I see what you're talking about on the site for $3708, but shipping is $378 putting it at $4158+tax

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I just bought a Maxwell from a guy for $2400 right out of the box... now thats a deal!!!

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Mavericks sofa from homeloft is not 8-way-hand-tied spring suspencion sofa, while RH Maxwell is. With the sale in the store going on right now, the price difference is not significant in itself. If one can afford Maverick, Maxwell is the better buy due to superior quality.

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We LOVE the Mavericks we bought from homeloft! Got it in 3 days. We were staring down the barrel of a $5850 order + tax and delivery for Restoration Hardware's Maxwell leather sofa but we got the Mavericks leather sofa and chair for $4898 total at homeloft with no sales tax and they gave us the delivery. I saw the thing about the 8-way versus the Sinuous, but considering there is a lifetime frame and spring warranty on the one we bought, it really made no difference to us..I think I actually like the homeloft one a little better! They're both good though.

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Anyone know who makes the RH Lancaster sofa? My wife wants it in Jackson Cinnamon and preferably with the chaise return. The return puts the price at $9520 before shipping/tax etc. Too rich for us, but I thought I'd search for some discount possibilites before we gave up.

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I too fell in love with the Lancaster at RH but the price was staggering and the "sale" really wasn't an incentive. After some research I ended up at Uptown Leather (which is also Comfort Source). I just bought the "Dalton" in Brompton Saddle - it's the same sofa - 8 way tied, etc. Total price (no shipping/no tax) $2899 - they have been quite easy to do business with. It's in transit from NC to me (Ohio) as I'm writing this.

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I don't know about elsewhere- but in Lancaster, PA there is a Pottery Barn outlet store. They also sell West Elm & Restoration Hardware stuff, and NOT necessarily second quality.
I got a RH table there for 20% of the retail price- yes not off but of, and it is not a second, and it is still in their retail stores & catalogue.

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Larry Wasson

When Restoration Hardware has furniture I like and it is on the floor as a sample, I put my name on a waiting list. When they replace the floor sample with something else, they call me and the price is usually 50% off retail. You just need the patience to wait.

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Just wanted to leave a follow-up on my sofa purchase, because I got the 'Dale' sofa from on the advice of this newsgroup. My wife and I are VERY happy with our purchase. Sorta difficult to buy something that expensive sight unseen, but this purchase worked out well. Only thing was delivery time- they say 6 to 12 weeks, and it sure was much closer to 12.... Overall the quality of the piece is excellent and worth it instead of paying 2X as much at RH!

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Has anyone tried the "Gettysburg" sofa from ?? It looks very similar to the Maxwell sofa from Restoration Hardware, which is the one we would like to get.

Question for John, which grade leather did you end up ordering from ? They have grade 1, 2 & 3. Which grade is similar to the ones from Restoration Hardware? Also, does the seat feels very similar to the Lancaster set from RH?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Does anyone know who makes the outdoor wicker furniture for Restoration Hardware? I like the DelMar and the LaJolla lines but they are too expensive.

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We live in New Jersey and after looking at the restoration hardware maxwell sofa, and finding this blog, we ordered the mavericks leather sofa at homeloft. The shipped it to us here for $199 with a company that did a soft glove delivery and everything worked out just great. (FYI, when you add it to your cart on their site, it says $199 for nationwide "curbside delivery", but when we called them they gave us the soft glove for the same price) We were a little concerned purchasing without seeing it, but it's the "real deal" so we're happy.

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I live in Raleigh Nc and was on vacation and found this cute little leather store in Banner Elk NC, they had the same sofa i had been looking at online at comfort source , it was the dale but this store called it the tanner same brompton cocoa leather $2899, it was their store's June promotion I would have not believed it if i had not sat in it same 8 way hand tied everything . i order two here is a photo off their website. this thing was so awesome

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Just to let you know i got my sofas today and they look great , The store is now running a 10%sale and I am going to order the same sofa in a sectional for our basement. i got these things in 7 weeks.

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I just went to uptown leather and comfort source and both say they are not accepting any new orders. Did they go out of business? Any suggestion on finding a RH lancaster look alike at less than $8K?

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Thanks for the prompt suggestion. It doesn't appear they have the sectional, which is what I want. I'll keep looking but if anyone has any other ideas I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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just check out sofa craft's website and they sell a dead ringer for RH's english roll arm sofa. has anyone ever purchased from them before? what's the quality of their product like? how about their leather?

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For those on the two coasts, Restoration Hardware has warehouse sales every now and then. This isn't the outlet, it's the actual distribution center.

By the way, RH is not a Pottery Barn store. The Pottery Barn companies are: William Sonoma, PB, West Elm, and the related kids/baby stores. Restoration Hardware owns Brocade Home, but that's it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Restoration Hardware Warehouse sales website

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I purchased a wicker sectional from RH and a few pieces got damaged in a fire(armless center section). RH no longer carrys it. Would ANYONE know who manufactures the "all weather wicker roll back sectional" that they sold.
thanks in advance

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I am interested in the Larkspur Collection that is now at the RH stores and in their catalog. Does anyone know who manufactures their dining room sets?
Thanks for your help!

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I love the look of the Palladian bedroom set at RH. It would be over 12,000 for the bed, 2 dressers, mirror and 2 nightstands.Just too expensive. Does anyone know if this could be purchased elsewhere at a cheaper price? Or who makes this furniture?

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Did you ever receive your Brompton Lancaster-lookalike sofa from Uptown Leather? In person is it just like RH's Lancaster?

Any chance anybody else has found a less-expensive Lancaster-alike since the last few postings?


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I just received a look-alike of the RestorationHardware Lancaster Leather sofa. Its looks gorgeous. I ordered it from CascoBayFurniture.Com. Before I ordered this one I looked at the one suggested by dawninny above. I did my research. The problem with the one at ClubFurniture.Com is that it didn't have 8-way hand tied construction and they also did not have the Brompton Leather Restoration has. I paid $2998. The shipping was free. It was 8 way hand tied and they had the Brompton Leather. It seems to be made really well. The people at the store were great.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lancaster Leather Sofa Look-Alike

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I recently visited the RH Outlet in Dawsonville GA (north of Atlanta) - the inventory appeared to be slightly damaged or obvious returns (not well cared for). The prices were still high.
If you can visit the Mitchell Gold Outlet in Hickory NC when they have sales - it is worthy!

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Great thread--anyone know when the warehouse sales are? I'm also interested in their bedding--any hopes for that to go on sale? I missed the 20% one :(

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I live close to a Restoration Hardware outlet that handles alot of light fixtures. Any order thats returned to them ends up here. I will shop for people and save you a bundle. Currently selling on ebay but if your looking for several items I will get you a better deal. I completely go thru each item to make sure its not damaged or missing parts. Contact me at 989-799-0780 if your interested.

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does any know who makes the Antibes collection (outdoor furniture) for Restoration Hardware. I love it but it is so expensive?

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Thanks for all the information regarding furniture - I have found this to be totally frustrating - depending on where a person lives or who they might know makes a huge difference in the price of furniture.
The mark-up is ridiculous and if it is furniture from China - its mostly yukky!
If anyone knows where you can get Drexel Heritage or Henredon at a reasonable price in Portland area please let me know. I used to live in Houston and there are tons of outlets there. I have not found anything here but a lot of used "vintage" stores - charming but not my cup of tea!
Thanks again!

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Anyone know where to find the RH Shutter bedroom set at a lower price than the store... we love it... any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated...

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Check for Restoration Hardware outlets near you. I got a Camden table at the outlet store in fall for 70% off the retail price. It was slightly damaged but I had to cut off an end anyway because it was too long for my space.

I will say, though, that I'm very glad I did not pay any more for that table. The quality is suspect at best (and stamped "Made in China" all over the bottom). It's fine for my purposes because I planned all along to refinish it, but the veneer is very, very thin and the top scratches very easily.

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I'm really confused. I'm new to this site and very much a novice in regards to furniture. When I look at the RH site, they have the Lancaster sofa listed at $3,100 and the Maxwell at $3,00. I called their store in Charlotte and confirmed this. You are all quoting prices of $5,000 for these sofas. What am I missing?

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We purchased a copy of the Lancaster from another company and we are very happy with it. We are considering purchasing the Maxwell from them as well. I did check the prices at RH. The Lancaster with tax and delivery is about $3750 and the Maxwell is $3600. Even with RH sale prices we saved about $1000 on the Lancaster and would save more than a $1000 on the Maxwell. Considering the RH sofas are made in China I thought we made out very well.

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Just purchased the Madison leather queen sleeper sofa from Casco Bay Furniture ( It's the equivalent of RH's Maxwell sleeper. I got it for $2600 delivered with a five year warranty. Just priced it out on the Restoration Hardware website and it is $5600 delivered (with 6% sales tax in MI)!

I'm not sure if I even need to say anything else. The salesman at Casco Bay, Robert Allen, was conscientious beyond expectation and really in my opinion epitomizes quality customer service. Although I don't think they can advertise that it is the same sofa, apparently they approached RH's former manufacturer once RH outsourced it overseas and are now selling it directly.

I'll add this: I am a physician, I pay way too much attention to detail, so believe me when I say this sofa is the exact same thing at less than half the price.

Their phone number is: (603)303-5360.

Here is a link that might be useful: Casco Bay's Website

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Casco Bay: I did not find Casco Bay to be hugely cheaper than RH after getting a couple of quotes. When I added in shipping, the company offering came in actually higher than Restoration Hardware on some items. I would likely go with RH for brand recognition if I ever sell it. Plus Casco Bay, you just donÂt know because you canÂt see it, sit in it, etc.

Z Gallerie: Offer several Maxwell clones like the Hollis, etc; sofas are under 1000.00. Seems like a good value option.

Sofa Craft: California based (Los Angelos), American made. For the Maxwell sectional clone, Sofa Craft quoted 1644.00+386 shipping. Hesitant to buy without seeing the quality first.

Room and Board: The Ian sofa from Room and Board is currently my top pick. Better price point, American made. Check in after X-Mas for sales. All floor models are discounted about 50% and they are also available online. The Ian sectional was discounted to 1200.00 over the holidays. I also like the fact Room and Board mentions the name of the manufacturer and where the item is manufactured.

Restoration Hardware: As of 2006-2008, all manufacturing of upholstered furniture has moved to China. Something to consider when buying if you want to purchase "Made in U.S.A". only.

Crate and Barrel: Also offer discounts on floor models for the tuned in shopper.

Arhuas Dune: Offer floor model discounts, but I donÂt know the schedule.

Couch Seattle: Returned one e-mail and they didnÂt respond to follow-up inquiries. I think they are related to the Atlanta Craigslist. Another post said their sofas are manufactured in Los Angeles.

Also, the genie is out of the bottle when it comes to furniture. Start looking on Tradekey and Alibaba and youÂll likely find the style you are looking for.

As far as sourcing, try Panjiva. This site shows a list of all companies supplying companies; the data is extracted from US Customs port authority shipments. For example, ECMS O/B Li and Fung Trading Ltd supplies the RH Carmel Outdoor Furniture Armchair. You can buy a list of all suppliers Restoration Hardware uses and then deal with the manufacturer directly.

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We purchased the Lancaster from Their price was $1000 less than Restoration Hardware and the delivery was free. The sofa was beautifully made and it was very comfortable. It was also 8 way hand tied which was something we were looking for. In our opinion the quality was a step up from the Lancaster offered by RH. The service and the delivery were flawless.

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Does anyone know where to get the spitfire collection from RH but at a lower price?

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Hi All! This thread has been so helpful! I love the Lancaster Sofa from Restoration Hardware. In addition to the great resources here, I also wanted to point out this one...this company is using the manufacturer that built the Lancaster for RH before they moved their manufacturing to China. The sofa is $2099 with free white-glove delivery. I'm seriously considering it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Arliano (aka Lancaster) Sofa

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You should buy them online. There you can get many options and some exciting offers. I purchased bedroom furniture for my new house online. Me and wife are really happy as we get all furniture within our budget.

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Does anyone know where to get the Vintage French Fluted Leg dining set? 72 inch with leaf? I am looking for a rustic style oval table and can't find one anywhere- I would prefer to not pay RH prices if avoidable.
Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage french fluted leg

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I got the same if not better restoration hardware leather Lancaster sectional at a significant discount from a company called Casco Bay Furniture. ( The quality was amazing, the service and delivery fantastic (most often not the case with RH). The sofas are 8 way hand tied bench made pieces with an extremely high quality leather. I ordered a 120" x 120" , extra deep (48") corner sectional with upgraded interior filling and free delivery for 40% less than RH. They have loads of options and finishes. I couldn't be more happy.

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Hi, I love one of the chandeliers from RH, but hate the price! Any ideas where I can find the same? It is clear crystals with a bronze rim on the top. 32". Thanks!

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