jannyvioletApril 13, 2008

Do you believe that our loved ones who have passed will be reunited with the pets that have died before them?

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I see no reason to think that we'd be anywhere other than where our pets are.

remember that episode of Twilight Zone where the man from the Ozarks was drowned while he was hunting with his old hound?

He didn't realize it, of course.

When he came to "the pearly gates", the man standing there told him he couldn't bring his dog.

so the guy said he wasn't going in.

He & his dog kept walking & eventually came to the real Pearly Gates, where the angel (or St Peter, whoever) told him that that of course his dog could come in, after all this was heaven.

The place down the road was "the other place"; that's why they wouldn't let dogs in.

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Many believe that our pets go to a place called Rainbows Bridge. That there they are free of pain and run and play with the other pets. Then when the owner passes, they meet and cross the bridge together. There is a website. The last time I went to it, the music was messed up but you can see what I mean.

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If you do a search on this forum you'll probably find a long thread on this topic. Two of my dogs have come to me in dreams after their deaths, so yes, I believe this most definitely.

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I've been told that Heaven is the place where we will be the happiest. Would that not include our animals?

I think so.


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