Seasonal Allergies Starting Early

samnsarahJanuary 18, 2013

Is anyone else experiencing allergy symptoms? I have been sneezing a lot, have head congestion, coughing, and a runny nose. At first I thought I caught a cold, but then I thought that maybe it is allergies. With the unusually warm temperatures in the Midwest for a second year in a row, I thought that perhaps the pollen is starting to appear a month or two early. So, is anyone else experiencing allergy symptoms?

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Some trees and shrubs always are in bloom in January and in a mild winter can start in December. Elms, maples, and willows have family members that drop lots of pollen at this time of the year. Depending where you are some honeysuckles, witchhazels etc are also blooming. Watch which trees the squirrels seem to be spending their time in. We used to have what is commonly called slippery elm that the squirrels killed because there was no food and they ate the buds and large portions of the bark.

I have had various seasonal allergies all year. This winter started last week of November.

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