What Did You Do for Easter?

lulie___wayneMarch 27, 2005

Hey, Everyone. Looks like it's pretty slow over here again. I hope that everyone managed to get through Easter Sunday without too, too, much grief. I know it's hard. Even though Easter is supposed to remind us of our eternal life, it's still not easy spending holidays without our loved ones.

I spent time with family as well as visiting my mom and Christin at the cemetery.

Check in everyone, if you can.


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Even before I lost my daughter and my husband's health deteriorated, Easter became a sad holiday for me. My father died on Easter, my mother two years later. I missed my parents, and I missed my small children. No more packages from Florida with Easter dresses for the girls. No more phone calls to discuss the cooking of ham or turkey. No more egg hunts on the lawn.

So somewhere along the line I stopped thinking about it as a holiday. This year my son stopped by with a hyacinth plant for me, and we ate some of the tofu I was cooking. Then he had dinner with his girlfriend at her mother's house. My daughter had dinner with her boyfriend at his mother's house. I fed my dogs and cats.


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Lu, 5 days before Easter was 10 years that my Mother passed away. So I went to my Mother's grave site and put flowers
on her and Daddy's grave. Also my Grandparents graves too
since they are at the same place. Then I went to my Grandson's
wreck site and put flowers and a angle there at one of his
crosses. Then I took flowers to my daughter Brenda's grave
and talked to her and cried. It has been 5 months since I
lost her. On Easter Sunday we had the family over and it
was not the same without Danny and Brenda. And it never will be ever again.

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The day before Easter was the first time I visited my mother's grave since we buried her in September. I can safely say I was not ready until that point. I left some flowers and some palm from church that we had received on Palm Sunday. Now I am going to call up the guy at the memorials place and make final arrangements to order her headstone. The grave (my father is there, too) is currently marked by a veterans marker with both their names on it, but I want a real headstone. I met with him in February but again, was not ready until now to actually order it. I guess we can only do what we are ready to do at each stage.

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Hi Lulie_Wayne...Just a thank you for the kind advice you've offered me and others who have lost a child. You're an inspiration to me. Your nice thoughts have helped me a lot. Many thanks, and you're in my prayers. Susan

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Susan, I just emailed you! :-)

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