Heart pounds after eating?

catherinetJanuary 17, 2007

Hi all,

I've recently weaned off a beta blocker. I was on it for 6 years, and I realize now why I was on it (besides just controlling BP). Whenever I eat, my heart pounds and goes about 100 beats per minute. This lasts a couple hours.

Last night I made the mistake of having some milk in the evening (which can make it worse), and my heart pounded most of the night and was at about 100 beats a minute.

Anyone else have this problem after they eat? It seems to be worse with carbs and higher salt stuff, but seems to always be there.

Yes, I am overweight......but I'm trying to use the exercise bike, and it really makes me feel bad, since I seem to have such an over-reactive sympathetic system, especially off the beta blocker.

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I have/had the problem. My heart rate would go to 115 from doing something as simple as eating. It turned out that my thyroid meds were too high. I think there are a lot of possible causes. I saw a cardiologist and a pulmonologist about the problem, but it was an endocrinologist who came up with the solution. The solution has a downside. I have gained 10 pounds despite exercising an hour a day and dropping my calories to 1400 a day. Obviously I need to see him again.

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Hi devorah,
Are you saying the endocrinologist lowered your thyroid meds? Don't I remember you saying your were diabetic too?
Are you on insulin, or diet-controlled?
I have always seemed to have diabetic-type problems, but I'm not diabetic. But I do wonder if I have an insulin problem......secreting to much when I eat?
I suppose it would be a good idea to try a really low carb diet for awhile, but that's really hard to do.
I was on Toprol for 6 years (a beta blocker), and it made me gain weight too......and have no motivation or stamina. I finally got off it......but now my heartrate is up all the time. It was wonderful at keeping my heart very quiet though!
I guess we just can't have it all!

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Yes, the endocrinologist drastically lowered my thyroid med. He also took away the Metformin which is what I was taking for diabetes, so now I am entirely diet controlled.

I could maybe tolerate the weight gain if it topped out somewhere, but that hasn't happened yet.

I take Micardis for high blood pressure

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Could this be a blood sugar issue? Sounds kinda serious.

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Fluid retention squishes down all those capularies, makes the heart have a work out. Cut back on sodium and use low salty foods on a big meal see what happens.

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Cutting carbs makes a big difference. You'll drop fluid at an unbeliveable rate. Just cut out most of the white ones to start and watch the salt. you don't have to do lo-salt diet completly. Just give it a try for a week. You'll notice a big fluid loss.

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Thanks everyone,
I think I'm much more salt sensitive than I thought. There's so much salt in so many things. But I'll give it a try. And I've been cutting back on carbs too, since that's such an easy thing to do. (NOT!) hahaha The times that I have gone a lower carb diet, it was amazing how much water I lost!
I can't believe how much salt is in restaurant food.
Thanks for your suggestions!

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Hi all I had the same problem after eating and noticed it more with milk.

Thank you posting guys made me feel more relaxed

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I have these symptoms and it is because of blood sugar. After (or during) eating when my level is low my heart starts to pound and I start to shake. It is just the sugar levels starting to rise.

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Hi! My mother side there is long family history. She had a heart attack in 1991 and bypass in 1998. I never had a heart attack, but on checking my main artie was 90% blocked. So had a bypass in 2008. Its been 5 years. I get a stress test done every year and so far all is fine.

I'm on beta blocker, blood thinner and statin since the operation. Am 42 and don't have diabities. Since operation my BP remains around 100/60 and heart rate between 55 and 65.

however, since last 4 days my pluse has shot up. Its now between 85.and 95 in resting position. Doc says don't worry. But really bothering me.

What if something is wrong?

Can anyone help?

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If you have an allergy to a certain food the heart rate will increase. This is a way to check for food allergies [pulse test]. Be Sherlock Homes and find the problem yourself and if all fails go to the doctor.

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