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mike2305January 24, 2007

I never used to like honey, actually it made me sick, but over the last year i think my taste-buds must have changed and now and then i would have a honey butty. Not very exciting i know, however i started to like it.

Not thinking it had done me any good, i just eate it because it was ok. That was until i noticed that for the first time in my life, in early July 2006, I had no hey-fever, which i have had every year since i was about 10(now 54). Now is it the honey, or just my age. I dont know, but i am still eating it!

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Honey has been known to have healing qualities. Best if it is honey that is from your area.


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Our family uses local raw honey during hay fever season and it does seem to help. Don't know what a "butty" is?

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