Removing OrangeGlo buildup

auroraborelisJune 7, 2012

I made the mistake of using OrangeGlo a bit too often on my wood floors, and now I have a white build up in places where it didn't get spread around well enough (under the toe kick of my kitchen cabinets, corners that sort of thing).

Any ideas on how to remove it?

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The old "pre-Bona" Orange Glo products used an orange/citrus oil base.
Here is what we recommended for any oil contamination.
Wet clean the floor with mineral spirits / paint thinner. Make sure to
ventilate and extinguish any pilot lights. Charcoal filtered face masks
for workers are recommended. Dry white cotton rags work well, and you
should see a visible yellow residue on the rags (oil residue). Wipe from
the clean area into the contaminated area, refolding the rags to wipe
with a clean face, and changing rags frequently.
Let dry, and clean a second time with a good water based surfactant
cleaner (like Bona / Basic cleaners). Repeat water cleaning until no
color transfers to the white cotton rags.
If the floor is tight with no open cracks filled with reservoirs of oil,
you may have restored the original appearance and gloss.
If this procedure doesn't remove all dulling film, you have greatly
increased the likelihood of a recoat succeeding by removing most of the
contaminant. If the floor is "open" with lots of cracks filled with
contaminant, it may require a resand and refinish.

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Thanks UniqueWoodFloors!

The floor looks great, there is just some white buildup in a few places from the OrangeGlo. Will doing as you describe harm the finish on my floors?

Also, after the OrangeGlo mess I was afraid to use bona - I take it that it doesn't cause the same buildup?

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You are quite welcome. I am glad I can help. I have heard the similar pratice a few times from the industry experts and advise a few people with the same buildup film. I would assume it will not harm your flooring finish. Bona is a great product to use for any poly urethane flooring which we have used in the past 8 years at home and business.

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I have not posted for several years and am glad that I thought of this site for my question regarding Orange Glo buildup. For Unique Wood Floor OR anyone who can help... I am considering using the method that UWF suggested but I have one question. I have already used Windex (which of course has ammonia) on certain portions of my hardwood floors. Those areas are duller than the rest of the flooring. Is it okay to use the mineral spirits on the dull flooring as well as the area that has not been "sort of" rid of the Orange Glo gunk buildup? Thanks for any and all answers.

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