Brother cooks too.....sort of.

annie1992March 3, 2014

So as not to allow his sister to bask in the limelight alone, Bud decided that he wanted to "learn to cook something" too. His requirements were that it had to be something he liked, and he wasn't allowed to use the stove or sharp knives without responsible adult supervision. I apparently did not meet the requirement of "responsible adult", LOL.

He decided he wanted to learn to make hummus, because he likes hummus and wants to play with the food processor. Machines, he likes machines.

So, into the food processor went two cans of garbanzo beans, which he dutifully opened with my hand operated Swing Away can opener. It took a little while, but we got it. After that, it was tahini. He had to taste it. He didn't like it, said it made his mouth puckery. (grin) Some olive oil, and I showed him how to smash the garlic with the side of a knife. A sharp knife. He wasn't sure about me, and then said that it hurt his hand to hit it that hard. I'd better do it. Yeah, OK, so I did that.

I then asked him if he'd like to add any extras. We thought about black olives, about roasted red peppers, even about dill pickles. Well, HE though about dill pickles. Eventually we settled on avocado, and I showed him how to cut it in half, twist the halves and smack the pit with a knife. A sharp knife. Again. He made me do that too. A squeeze of lemon, now THAT was fun, and it's time to turn the machine on.

Watch it go around and around. It needs more oil, and it needs some of the liquid from the cans of beans. We need to make the "smoothest hummus in the history of people". In other words, let me play with the food processor a bit longer.

Finally, the smoothest hummus in the history of people was done:

Since it's his cooking project, Bud gets the first taste:

The hummus was pronounced "excellent" and was promptly taken home for family consumption, no matter that Grandma supplied all the ingredients and equipment. He's a Master Chef now, and can make really smooth hummus.

Who knows what's next.....


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Brother's on the way :-)

Cooking is a great skill to have- not only can you look after yourself but it impresses the heck out of the girls ;-D

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"----it impresses the heck out of the girls ;-D"

I can tell you it works better than having a fancy expensive imported sports car.

dcarch :-)

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Woo hoo, a man who cooks. Nice going, Bruvver. I love hummus, too.

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Way to go, Bruvver!!! Keep up the good work.


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LOL. Bravo. (And now we know a bit more about dcarch's experiences, too.)

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He makes the hummus and she makes the main course. Good team.

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Annie, did you save the avocado pit so you can teach him how to grow avocados?


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That's awesome!

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Oh, Madonna had a good idea! Kids love growing avocados from pits. (so do I)

Great job Bruvver!!! That looks so good.
Annie, I love the way you write your stories.

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Annie, I, too, thoroughly enjoy the way you write your posts.

And 'Bravo' to Brother!
It's a start.

So many times, while my kids were growing up,
People would remark to me that they thought
"It's such a shame you don't have any daughters
to teach to cook".
Little did they know! !
ALL of my sons are fantastic cooks,
And so are a couple of my Grandsons!
And they all started out much as Brother has,
With something simple,
That required the use of a machine of some sort.

Congratulations, Brother, on a job well done!
Your Hummus looks delicious!


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Thanks, jasdip, I actually like to write, if I were a little more patient.....

Rusty, my brother is actually an excellent cook. Grandma taught him when she taught me, she said if he ever had to live alone she was going to be darned sure he didn't eat frozen dinners his whole life. And now guess what he eats? Frozen dinners, LOL. Nothing green, but he's always been better at baking than I am.

Madonna, I've never been able to get an avocado pit to grow, ever. I stick toothpicks in them, suspend them in water, put them in the window. I've set them outside on the deck, put them under my grow lights with the tomatoes, you name it. They've never done one darned thing except get moldy. I'm blaming it on White Cloud's water, it can't be me. Of course, I can't grow a house plant anyway, my house is too cold and plants hate it. They die, all of them. I even eventually killed my aloe. I put it outside this summer, I figured they live outdoors in California, they'd be all right. Promptly keeled over and died. (sigh) I can grow nearly anything outdoors in the garden, but don't give me a house plant. My old secretary used to tell people to buy me cut flowers, they'd last longer than a houseplant. (grin)


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