My Mom Passed Away Last Wednesday

fairlight47March 17, 2008

My Mom had been living with us for the past 5 years and had an inoperable aneyurism (sp) in her Aorta. A year ago when she was diagnosed we were told that nothing could be done due to her age and the location of the aneyurism. She would have been 85 on March 24th. I came home from work and as always, I went to her sitting room first to see her. She was in her bedroom laying in her bed, obviously gone but looked very peaceful. I was never afraid only sad that I wouldn't see her in the afternoon as I had done for the past five years. I carried out her wishes exactly as she wanted, and although I didn't agree with all of them, I respected her wishes anyway. My Dad had passed away 10 years ago and my brother 6 years ago. She often said she had lived enough and it was time to let someone else have her spot on this earth. Feisty to the end. I believe Mom is happy now with my Dad and brother. I will keep them in my prayers always.

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Please accept my sincerest sympathy for the loss of your mother. I am sorry that you must go through this valley, and will add you to my list of people I pray for each day.

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Fairlight, what a beautiful way of expressing your Mother. What a good daughter you were to her. My sincere condolences to you.

My Mom has been from this earth 26 years, and I still miss her. But what she taught me, I hold dear.

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