feedback on counter height tables?

marymary147December 4, 2006

We are looking at getting a new kitchen/dining room table and we want a mission style table. My husband wants to get a counter height table and while I like the look of them, would prefer a regular height table.

This will be our only dining table, we don't have room for a separate dining room. My husband is 6 ft 2 inches, I am 5'7" and we have 3 kids, ages 7, 4 and 2. The kids and I would be spending a lot more time at this table than my husband would. Kids would do homework and crafts at this table, etc.

So, those of you with tall tables - do you like them? Are they comfortable to sit at for long? Am I overly worried?

Thanks for the feedback!


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We just got one that replaced a regular height table and we like it! (The finish on the table actually had some issues so the store has ordered another one but that was just cosmetic, the style is fine.) The chairs are padded so they are really comfortable. I like being able to pull the chairs over to the island if needed. (We're using the table in the kitchen.)

This is NOT my house, but this is the table and chairs we bought. We have only been in three months (new construction) so this is like night and day! And reminds me of how much we still have to do.....:)

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I don't like them because you can't pull up a folding chair. If its going to be your only table that's a bad thing IMO.

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Thanks to both for the feedback!

The folding chair/extra seating has been one of my concerns also.


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We just got one. I thought I'd hate it, but I love it. We may get bar chairs instead of stools in the future, though. We *do* have a seperate dining room, so I'm not sure if this would be something I'd consider if I didn't. That said, my three boys ages 6, 4 & 2 love this counter height set!

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Laura & Sassymnmom,
That finish on your tables is exactly what I'm considering doing for a DR set. Can I ask, where did you get it and what color is the table top? Is it cherry?

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The table we got is a Byoyhill, in the American Era collection. We purchased it though a local (NoVA) store, Belfort Furniture. The table top has the Alexandria finish (the legs are black) and I would call it cherry, yes. There is a regular dining room table (the "Leg Table") in the collection if you are looking for that style.

Here is a link that might be useful: Broyhill American Era

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Sassymom - I love that table/stools!! May I ask the manuf? Does it come in wood thruout or white with wood top?
Thx, Nicole

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I'm short and hate having my feet dangle. Counter height tables are on my "instruments of torture" list.

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yogacat wrote: I'm short and hate having my feet dangle

My chairs have a really cool metal foot rest...:)
(see pic above)

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I found this post while I was searching the internet for counter-height folding chairs! I do love my counter-height table- it's very comfortable to sit at, and also to stand at if I am sorting my mail, or if I have my laptop on it with a recipe I've looked up. I am short, too, but most chairs have a bar to rest your feet on.

However, I am thinking of selling it because of the extra seating issue. I sacrificed my dining room for a pool table, so now this is my only table. It will seat 8 easily with the leaf popped up, but for daily use, I only want the smaller table with 4 chairs around it. But when we have company, I would love to be able to seat 8 without having to store 4 extra counter-height chairs somewhere! Has anyone seen folding counter-height chairs ANYWHERE?

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We just got a counter height table and LOVE it. I found folding counter height chairs at Ikea. The model is "Franklin" and the model# is 200.593.00 (last two can be 00, 01, 02- depending on color) Make sure you get the 25" chair- $24.99. My brother said they got some at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I couldn't find them there.

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I was searching for two counter height folding chairs for extras for our table. The table extends beautifully (the extension is tucked into the table when closed); but we bought it with only 4 chairs. I was seeing prices of $79, $89 for "folding" chairs and was discouraged until I saw your post, deannap. Thanks for the IKEA info. This will work for me!

I LOVE the counter height dining room suite, and now my problem is solved.

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Oh boy you're post is exactly what we're going through! We ended up going with a counter height and are now waiting to have it picked up and returned. First they may be great for a larger room but the height swallows up the space of a smaller eating area. Secondly, we got the kind that has shelving under it and as a result, the chairs do not tuck in all the way! Just some things to consider when making your decision.

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