Female breast question

michelle_s_phxazJanuary 19, 2005

For the last month or so my left nipple has been itching like crazy. I have tried lotion and my eczema cream but neither work. It is driving me nuts!

I do not have children so I have never breast fed. I am 36 and in great health otherwise.

Anyone have any ideas as to what causes this or what I can do to stop the itching?



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Michelle, there is probably a simple explanation and resolution, but itching of breast or nipple is reason to see your doctor.
At 36, I would assume you have a gyn...call today and describe your symptoms.

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I agree, you need to have this checked out. In the meantime, check your bras. Have you been wearing a new one that might have rough threads or seams in the nipple area? have you changed your detergent?

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Michelle...did you make that phone call? I don't mean to nag you, but it could be important....Mor

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Sorry, didn't mean to leave you hanging, it was just dry skin! A prescription of cream, a humidifier, and I am itch-free!

Thanks for the help, guys.

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Whew, Michelle...I'm happy for your outcome. There's a lesser known form of inflammatory breast cancer where one early symptom is persistent itching.

I'm so pleased you just had a winter skin issue...:)

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I'm pleased it was a winter skin issue too. Few people know about Inflammatory Breast Cancer. How did you know about it? When I was diagnosed with it, I was the only nurse in the area I worked (about 100 nurses) that had ever heard of it. In fact my GP, when I told him it was IBC diagnosed it as mastitis. He was amazed when he found out that I was right on with my diagnosis. Knowing about it probably helped save my life because I pushed for diagnosis. I would encourage all women to do a search on it and be aware of this type of breast cancer. It is rare, very aggressive and can hit people at a younger age than the normal breast cancer.

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Heather, the subject of inflammatory breast cancer came up during a discussion with my endocrinologist one year. She is very firmly convinced that the more women know about their bodies, the more proactive they can be in taking charge of their own health. It was sort of along the lines of 'and another thing that many women haven't heard' type of topic...And I do pass this kind of information on to family and friends but that's a very small group compared to women nationwide.

She also believes very strongly in the importance of listening to your own inner sense, and not allowing yourself to ever be brushed off with your concerns by a doctor not taking a worry seriously. That when something is wrong, if you aren't burying it in the back of your mind somewhere, but paying attention to what your body is telling you, you can be treated sooner and more easily for many things, including cancer.

It sounds like that is just what you did, so you must fall into that group of very bright and informed women that my doctor would like us all to be. Please stay well!

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