Mother has cloggeed neck artery

livvyandbellaJanuary 19, 2005

My mother (85) has been told her neck is 90% clogged.
She had a small stroke one year ago. She is trying to decide whether to have surgery or not. Dr. said she has 25 to 35% chance of a stroke without surgery. She is on several medicines for high BP. How do you make this deciscion?

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My dad's cousin has same issue. She was in a car accident, and during her exams, they discovered her carotid arteries are completely blocked. In her case (she's in her early 60's) they said her body had obviously rerouted the blood flow somehow, otherwise she would have died long ago. I guess they could somehow tell that she'd had the problem so long. They said there was just as much stroke risk to have the surgery, since it's so tricky, and so close to the brain.

I would get another opinion, before making a decision either way. There are a myriad of other risks involved with surgery in an 85 year old woman, versus a 60 year old woman, so to do it requires a lot of data and at least two opinions on the situation with her arteries.

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I agree with TREKaren that the additional risks need to be considered due to her age and definitely to get a second opinion.

My Dad (early 60s) had this surgery just before x-mas after a small stroke at thanksgiving. He was a "high-risk" patient but he came through with flying colors. Dr. said afterward he was 99% blocked.

I'm not sure how BP meds would affect surgery, best to discuss with the doctor/surgeon?

Best thoughts whatever the decision.

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Having the surgery does not guarantee that she WON'T have a stroke. It just lessens the chances a little.

It's up to her, not anyone else, if she wants to take the chance. 25-35% chance of having a stroke is the same as 75-65% chance of not having one. It's a hard decision to make. At the age of 85, I don't think that I would take a chance on the surgery. But that's just me. It has to be a decision that she is comfortable with.

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Has a decision been made regarding surgery?

If she opt's to not go with the surgery, things can be done to reduce her risk of stroke.

Adquate control of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood coagulation all play in to this. We have great medicines today which can make a huge impact on risk reduction.

D. Adams, NP

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