enjoyingspringJanuary 21, 2009

Does anyone here suffer from ulcers.

If so, could you tell me what your symptoms are and what you are doing about it.


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well first, you get tested for Helicobacter pylori bacteria, the most common cause of peptic ulcers. IF that is positive, you are treated with antibiotics. What you don't do is to take acid suppressors for months on end. They should be for short term use only. My doctor thinks it was the constant use of Pepcid AC and the like that resulted in my having osteoporosis. What finally helped me was just to eat more sensibly and cut out what were the obvious stressors like tomato paste and cheese. I also try to elevate my head when I sleep, and I don't eat anything after dinner. That has pretty much cleared things up after years of suffering. I had acid reflux and since that caused the esophageal cancer that killed the previous owner of my house, I was really motivated to straighten up.

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I forgot to add that drinking aloe vera juice was very helpful as well

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I started taking antibiotics today for my ulcer. Hope that will get rid of it. I have been suffering off and on for years with this but never did anything about it.

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Try caffeine free Diet Coke. No other brand seems to work for me ~ even the caffeinated Diet Coke does not work.

I have had the testing and taken the antibiotics and the acid-reducers. I used apple cider vinegar for the longest time.

Nothing works for me as well as the caffeine free Diet Coke.

I stumbled onto the diet Coke thing. I never drank any kind of pop. I don't think it is good for us, and I wish there were something else I could find that works as well. But nothing ~ not the acid-reducers (which eventually stop working), not the vinegar (which actually worked pretty well for me) works as well as Diet Coke.

A doctor told me once that the Coke might be replacing stomach acids, just as the vinegar had.

Or it might be the carbon dioxide in the bubbles.

Wishing well.


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