Causes and Signs and symptoms of Seasonal allergies

pur3roomJanuary 14, 2013

Seasonal allergies affect all allergy sufferers differently. While some people may get allergy symptoms only after a particular month from the year, others might get allergy symptoms during some, or all, seasons summer, fall, spring or winter. With every season, allergies abound. To get the actual source of your symptoms, you simply must play in the detective role in determining the timing of your respective seasonal allergy symptoms.

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I changed my diet to organic. I removed all white/sugar and got rid of yeast overgrowth. I also used raw organic LOCAL honey as my sweetener - but used it sparingly.

I did many anti-fungals and do so today: garlic, grape seed, pau d arco, oil of oregano, etc.

My diet helped ALOT. I am no longer on steroid sprays. I also refuse Anti-biotics. They will kill all of us eventually.

I do not EAT meat that has been treated with antibiotics to get them to grow fatter and I believe it helps.

Then, I got tested for allergies. They are gone.

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