My Mom is gone 1 yr on fri.

darzieMarch 18, 2009

How crazy 1 yr.I miss her so much!!Any thoughts on how to honor her?

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It was my mom's one year anniversary since her death last Saturday. I wore her wedding ring all day and every time I looked down I would see it and think of how wonderful she was.

I am so very sorry for your loss. I have lost both my parents and it is so hard.

Big hugs to y ou.


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Thank you so much.maybe I'll do the same.

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Darzie.....I lost my mother 6 1/2 years ago, and just lost my dad this past November. It gets better. You'll always miss her, but the thoughts will hopefully change to pleasant memories. It takes time. I hope that doesn't sound contrite, but I do believe that time heals all wounds. My thoughts are with you.

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The wedding ring idea is such a good one. I lost my mom almost 5 months ago and I have her rings inside my jewelry box tucked in a little velvet pouch that the funeral home put them in. Where does the time go ? Somedays its like I seen her yesterday and others it feels like 100 years. I know you must feel the same. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I WRITE WHEN I MISS MY MOMMY..... I cry in the dark, so no one can see, I cry for my Mommy, as if I were three. I do not want to bother anyone with my pain, I only wish I could hold my Mommy again. I do not know at times, If I can go on. Im all alone, now that she's gone, Im trying so very hard to hold on. I forgot, as I was wrapped up in my own problems in life. That if Mommy wasnt there, then nothing would be alright. Im a big girl now, and Mommy said she was so proud, I wonder what she would say, If she could see me now. I will let everyone believe, that Im just fine. But my Mommy always knew when I was lieing. The only thing I know to due, is go back to my dark room, where none can see, how badly this has taken hold of me. I have things to be thankful for, so many, I need to take time to thank the Lord for watching over me and my Family, I also want to let him know, that for the Love I have in my heart,that she owns, I will let my Mommy go. Take good care of her, for I promise to change my ways, so I can be there with her someday, to hold her hand, and kiss her cheek, and tell her over and over again, how much she means to me

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