Is this Heartburn?

cheerful1_gwJanuary 3, 2006

I woke up in the middle of the night with a squeezing in my chest and nausea. No pain in my left arm. I'm burping a lot, after which I feel a burning in my chest. Now I'm feeling light headed. I have a sinus infection as well. Anything I should be worrying about?

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If this is repeated, it's something that you should see your doctor about. Yes, it could be heartburn, but it also could be the beginning of heart problems. The fact that there was no pain in your left arm is meaningless. The medical profession is beginning to see that women do not display the typical heart problems that men do. Get a check-up soon.

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Go to the doctor or the ER. My friend thought he had indigestion, went to the doctor to ask for something to treat it, and it was a heart attack. He had pain in his chest and just a little difficulty breathing. He had quadruple bypass surgery 3 days later. The cardiologist said that if he hadn't been at the doctor when he was having the heart attack, he would most likely have died.

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Even men sometimes don't have the classic symtoms. I know someone whose husband had a massive heart attack years ago and his symptom was severe pain in his upper back. But PB is correct that women generally do not exhibit the same symptoms as men. Symptoms of the type you are having should be checked out ASAP, just to be sure.

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