Bruise that wont heal?

coolmamaJanuary 12, 2007

So,I've always bruised pretty easy,But last April I started taking an antibiotic called minocycline for about 3 months.

I noticed one of the side effects said that it may cause you to bruise easier and not heal as fast.

Well,I got a bruise,and I STILL have it (talking about 9 months ago!) .It doesnt hurt or anything like a regular bruise if you push on it.

I dont even remember how I got the bruise,I'm very accident prone.

Has this ever happend to anyone? Think I should be concerned?

Like I said,otherwise I'am in good health and it doesnt hurt.It is a small blueish mark the size of a quarter (and no it's not a mole)

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Hi coolmama,
Is it possible that you keep touching and feeling it and that keeps it from healing?
Have you had a CBC or any other lab tests that would rule out a cause for your easy-bruising?
I know that as I have gotten older, my injuries take longer to heal, and leave a mark forever. But for you I think I might have it checked out by the doctor. (a good one.....if you can find one!). Is the one that saw your daughter available to you too? She sounded pretty good.

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No,she only does pediatrics.

I have always bruised does my mom and sister. So it's not anything new to have a bruise,exspecially when I'm such a clutz,LOL.

I have had my iron checked and all that and it always says it's fine.Maybe I have poor circulation.My feet are ALWAYS cold.
I'am going to get it checked out,just have to wait for my income taxes to come back.

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Good luck coolmama.
Like I said......I have lots of spots that just don't go away maybe you're getting like that too. But you're not nearly as old as I am. :)

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Thanks...Only as old as you feel.Haha,sometimes I feel pretty old though.

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Hey coolmomma,
I found some info that says if you have bruising with minocycline, you should call your doctor immediately. It can have some serious liver side effects, which may impair your ability to produce clotting factors and cause bruises that won't heal (bruises are burst capillaries under the skin). Also if you take any other drugs such as aspirin or NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or acetominophen then you could be compounding the problem. Minocycline also reacts badly with some pretty common supplements (listed on the website I found). Please take a look at this website and call your doctor ASAP. Good luck to you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Minocycline Info

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Thanks meghane! That information is very useful! I think it must be from the minocycline because I havent had any thing like this happen since I stopped taking it.
Maybe it caused this one bruise to just not heal. I also felt very weak and dizzy when I took the minocycline. Thankfully I only took it 3 months.

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Glad you're feeling better coolmama.
I wonder why that one bruise won't go away though? Weird. Good that you're not bruising any more.

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Well,it's only very faint.It doesnt hurt at all,but for some reason the blue/purple coloration just stayed. I even started taking vitamin C and iron to see if that would help,and it hasnt.
I have had other bruises since and they have gone away within days of getting them. I have never had one last this long,that's why I was pretty sure it had to have something to do with the minocycline.

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Coolmama, I think you should be tested for VonWillebrand's disease. This is a blood clotting deficiency that is usually, buy not always, genetic. The fact that you have other relatives with easy bruising would point to this. I was diagnosed with this at 45 and no one else in my family has it. I have a history of heavy periods, easy bruising, and excessive bleeding with surgery or minor cuts. There are MANY medicines and herbal supplements I can't take because they thin the blood and cause bleeding in me. I take birth control pills because they help increase the clotting factor of the blood. Please ask your doctor about this. Mine wasn't discovered by the surgeons who stated I had excessive bleeding during surgery, but by a concerned nurse. Ask to be tested!

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Hmm,well,I have had a C-section with my daughter and no excessive bleeding.
I DO bruise easy,but with vitamins they usually go away pretty quickly.
I'am mostly only concerned for this ONE bruise because it has seemingly never gone away,although at this point it feels nothing like a bruise.It doesnt hurt,is not swollen..just looks slightly discolored.
It is an intresting possiblity though,so I will definitely discuss with my doctor. Thanks for the info!

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I had 3 c-sections and no excessive bleeding during them. That's because pregnancy hormones increase the blood clotting factor in order to sustain the pregnancy and NOT bleed to death during delivery. That's why birth control pills help treat this disorder--they make the body think you're prgnant and produce more blood clotting factor. I had horrendous bleeding though during minor things like a D&C and breast biopsy. VonWillebrand's is a common but highly under-diagnosed condition. There's no real treatment or cure, but I now recieve an IV substance when I have surgery, and I know to research all medicines and supplements to check how they affect clotting. It's diagnosed with blood tests and it's worth considering.

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Intresting it can be treated with birth control pills. I have not been on birth control in 9 years (I dont have to be cuz my husband had a vasectomey). Was thinking of going on it though cuz it can help regulate periods and mine are often always late.
Maybe kill two birds with one stone!

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I am taking the same medicine and have been for quite some time and I've had the exact same problem. I don't know how long I've had all of them but I do know ive had one for almost a year.

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Could also mean you are low on iron.

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Im real concerend bout my mom she has this b big
Black reddish bruise on her chest an another on
Her shoulder she dont like going to the doc
Soim worried they been there for about 8
Months but they dont hurt and she dont k ow how
they got there someone please help

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I also bruise easily. One of my doctors saw what looked like finger prints type bruises on my leg and he question me about it. Anyway he checked me for leukemia, it was negative. But you have to remember problems like this can mask a very serious problem. I have severe indigestion pains and I have to pain attention because the symptoms are the same as a heart problem.

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