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I've been an on and off member of this site for about almost 4 years now. My mother died in her sleep on May 12, 2005 at the age of 57 and needless to say it was the most devastating event that has happened to me in my life. I've had my ups and downs over the years regarding her death...mostly downs...but as time goes on I find that I'm not quite as sad. Yes, I miss her with all of my being, but I don't find myself crying as much as I did since she died. Lately I see signs of her in day to day life. I feel her presence at times. It's weird because I'm not the type of person to imagine things like that. There are a few specifics but it will take more time than I have right now to post. Thing is...I'm going through some tough times. Do you think that she's sending me signs to comfort me or am I imagining these signs as a way to cope? Any input would be appreciated!

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Hi Jennifer,

Very sorry for the loss of your mother and I don't know you well enough to say whether or not you're making things up inside your subconcious about your mother to help yourself cope or not, but as a concerned forum member I don't see the harm in it especially if your are genuinely feeling her presence and it makes you feel better.

I would call that the results of good and positive memory of a beloved mother from a caring loving daughter who's revisiting some moments of grieving that you possibly thought were over. I lost my dear brother recently and my wonderful mom in 2004 so I have been in grief alot, so much so I am actually reading, taking classes and studying as many aspects of it as I can to help me deal with mine.

It helps to come nline in a trusted enviroment and post or reply when you feel like it's closing in, but to your question I welcome the type of thoughts you're describing about your mother and they actually make me feel closer to the person in spirit and accept the feeling as a good one.

God Bless you and your Mother's Spirit, surely she is happy you are keeping her close in your heart.

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I, too,struggle at times with the validity of the concept. Just recently my DM dreamed of my Dad. It was so vivid that she called out to him how glad she was that he was back. She states that it left her with a good feeling of Peace. From what she explains, I think that it was a dream visitation. I also had such a dream of my Dad. It was very vivid, he was younger than I ever knew him and he appeared in the dream as being happy. I was on my front lawn with many people. There were balloons and it was as if a party was going on. My father arrived in a car and blew the horn. I went over to the car to look and he was sitting in the driver's seat with the window up. I went to reach for the door handle as I recognized him and he smiled at me and the dream ended. That, I think, was also a dream visitation.

I have heard first person accounts from people who had actual spirit visitations. The deceased did not actually appear, though, in this woman's account. Her MIL bought her violets for her window planter. They had not bloomed until just after the day of her death, in winter, and continued to make a flower now and then thruout that winter. Also, her MIL smoked and the scent of it would be on her clothing. This woman and her husband did not smoke yet at times a strong whiff of it would be smelled in her home just the same smell that her MIL would bring with her. Also, the scent of her perfume would come wafting. This woman does not wear that scent.

I don't know for sure how to interpret these events. However, I do believe in an afterlife and that the Spirit lives on. If so, then why wouldn't "They" be able to reach out to us? How merciful to let us know that they are still with us and still Love us. I think that the place they now occupy is a better one. They no long are held down by the wordly preocupations that we endure. They are higher in thought than we are. They know what we can only hope to know. It must be amazing! I think that it is hard to hold onto the Faith that there is a Heaven and their visits give us the Hope that one day we will meet them again. How Wonderful....I look forward to a visit from my Dad, maybe in a dream. I miss Him. He was or rather is the Best to me. I say "is" because I know He is not really gone but waiting patiently for those He Loves. He will be be ready to meet us with party hats and balloons just like he did when we were together. Peace to all who grieve and wait til we meet them again.

Best Regards.

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I wholeheartedly believe we exist after life on earth is over, and can get visits from our loved ones who have passed. I have had several 'signs' from my mom since she left us in January 2006. The first was just a week or two after her passing. I went out to get a drink of pepsi in the middle of the night. The kitchen is at the other end of the house from the bedroom. A female voice (who I believe now was my mom) was just one name..."Duane". I was startled and thought my wife was calling me. I even said 'what', then looked around and my wife was not around. I went back to bed and she was sound asleep in bed. My mom reached out and with much effort said my name from the other side.

Two times after that I awoke in the early morning to a very strong perfumey smell in the air. Not artificial, but more like a field of wild flowers concentrated in my bedroom. I enjoyed the aroma for 30-40 seconds both times, and the first time a whiff of cinammon came through, and the second time a whiff of cigarette smoke. I remembered a time my mom accidently dumped an entire bottle of cinnamon extract instead of the 'drop' she intended. We laughed for days as the house smelled of cinnimon. And of course, the cigarette mom smoked for almost 50 years and she would not quit even after 5 heart attacks. She is still as stubborn on the other side.

The last visitation was last summer. I was standing outside watching a storm come in from the east. Clouds twirled and swirled and amazingly a picture of my mom's face appeared in the clouds! And then it transformed into a picture of her holding a baby...the baby was me! She was telling me she is in heaven and I will always be her baby boy! For those that don't believe I wouldn't be able to change their thinking and I really wouldn't want to. I have been shown something special and short of hitting me over the head with a baseball bat....I BELIEVE!

I have another story involving my sister...but will save that for another time. Want to hit send on this before AOL shuts down on me again!


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Here's a link to a thread where lots of people shared their experiences.

There are a number of other threads on that subject, too.

(I'm one of those people who's a skeptic by daylight-
or until I hear Papa's voice or smell Daddy's aftershave or until the music starts playing.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Seeing a Loved One After They've Passed Away

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If I want to comfort someone who has lost a loved one, the first thing I say is to be open to signs. I've been blessed with many wonderful signs from my daughter Gillian since she died in 2001, and so have a number of our friends.

Jennifer, I have no doubt that your mom wants you to know that she is all right--more than all right--and the two of you will one day be together again.

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I just woke up from a nap and had the most vivid dream of my mother. She passed away on Feb 20th of this year. Two weeks after she passed I had a dream she called me from heaven to tell me and my brother that she was fine, her voice was free of pain and she was so happy, light hearted and cheerful and told me she was fine and happy and not to worry about her. Her voice was crystal clear, and I woke up feeling an amazing sense of peace. Then recently I had another dream where I was able to hug her and laugh with her and she was so beautiful, her body was different, she could move freely and was without pain, and her voice and demeanor was the same as the first dream. My latest dream, only 20 minutes ago was my mom sitting with my brother and I at the dining room table, laughing and joking and telling us she was not dead, she never died and her voice was the exact same as the last two dreams and her demeanor was the same as well, care free, happy, free of pain and suffering and beautiful and she told me and my brother who was so beside ourselves with happiness and joy to go live our lives, we wanted to stay with her in the dining room and hold her and talk to her and joke with her, each time I walked away from her I ran back to hug her and kiss her and she laughed and said, "you need to get on with your life, I am OK, do not worry about me, I am always here for you, go and do what you need to do" and then I left the house with my brother and we were in the car and we looked at each other and we said at the same time, "When we get back to the house, she wont be there" Before I fell asleep today I recalled thinking that a part of me died when mom died and I fell asleep.
But was it my subconcious giving me what I needed or was it my mom giving me what I needed? Either way, I got what I needed, and I have peace and joy and I do believe with all my heart and soul and being that she is in heaven and free of pain and happy and with me always and I will see her again. I am thankful for these dreams because they do bring her back to me, and they give me peace, and I so loooooooove being able to hold her and kiss her and talk to her in my dreams, there is nothing like a mother's hug and love. If you experience your mother, either through dreams, or signs, cherish the memories they bring to you and the peace they give you.

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I lost my mom on Nov. 25, 2008 (almost 5mths ago)when she died out of the blue in her sleep. Since then I have felt her many times. One day my dad bought a little light that reminded him of her, it had little children and an angel on it. That night we took it to her room and plugged it in and set it in her window and for a brief second it I could smell her and I looked at my dad and said "I just smelled mom" and he looked up at me all teary and said "I did too"..and then it was gone. I have had a few things like that happen. I believe.

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