Mohawk SmartStrand...ugh.

christyredJune 22, 2009

We are having major problems with the manufacturing of Mohawk SmartStrand. I was wondering if anyone else is having similar problems.

We ordered our carpet on April 30, 2009. At that time, we were told that our carpet would be made the first week of May. Well, 2 months later, we are STILL waiting for the carpet to be made. We are now told that the manufacturing date has been delayed another 2 weeks.

Our house is a mess and totally torn apart while we wait for this carpet. It is ridiculous! Is anyone else having similar problems? We were really excited about this carpet, but Mohawk has just been absolutely horrible to deal with. We are pretty patient people, but I feel that this delay is unacceptable. We have even tried to get other colors and styles, but they have told us that nothing is being made. For the past 2 months, Mohawk has been telling us that our order is being expedited.

We are planning on carpeting our entire house, so we have a really big order. I think that we are going to try to get our deposit back from our sales rep and try another manufacturer.

Buyers beware! Mohawk has a huge delay on the manufacturing of Smartstrand. Be prepared to wait 2+ months for your carept.

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Use to be that way with all mils around xmas .

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Is it just a particular color or style that's taking a long time to get or is it any kind of Smartstrand. I'm wanting Smartstrand Sorona too and hoping that it doesn't take two months.

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I also was planning on ordering Smartstrand and googled to find information on the production delay. Please read the lower letter in the attached link for an explanation. Although the technical difficulties are understandable, there is no excuse for Mohawk not providing a forthright explanation and firm timeframe to customers with outstanding orders. (It seems that Carpetgirl was the only bright spot in their Customer Relations department and she is MIA.)

In brief, there is a very serious back order situation on all Triexta PTT carpet products. The recent closure of the Shell PTT polymer plant in Canada forced all PTT fiber production to the Dupont plant in Tennessee. In addition, the decision by the FTC to award PTT a new fiber classification as Triexta has created unprecedented demand from all channels including multi-family, builder, and retail.

The Tennessee plant has the capacity to produce almost 4 times the current demand for fiber, but the ramp up will take some time. There is ample production capacity available at Mohawk for tufting and finishing once the fiber shipments from Dupont meet demand.

It would be REALLY nice to know when Mohawk anticipates they will have the fiber to meet the demand.


Here is a link that might be useful: Mohawk July 11 letter

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The way carpet, which is a mass produced textile is made, they make a bunch of one style and color at a time. They call these production runs.

Right now with the building bust, all the carpet mills, not just Mohawk, have decreased their labor and cutting back. They got busted for using illegal labor and production has slowed to a crawl. They are selling stocked carpet first to liquidate inventory. You may be better off selecting something that is already sitting in a warehouse someplace.

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We have tried to go with other styles and colors. Unfortunately, our sales rep says that nothing is made.

I went to Home Depot last night to see if they were having similar problems. They said that they were not, and that usually it takes about 1.5 weeks to get the carpet in. Now we are thinking of about cancelling our order with our orginial carpet guy and going with Home Depot. I hate to do it because I know that Home Depot does not do as good of a job installing. ...and I wanted to support a local business. But, we really can't wait any longer. We have out of town visitors coming today, and our house is a diaster due to the carpet delay. We will be getting more visitor in a few weeks, and I can't risk not having carpet for their visit.

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I was the Mohawk rep calling on Home Depot. They have no 'special' inventory. They draw from the same wharehouses that all dealers do. On occassion when they have a product as a 'special buy' there is stock reserved from them but you will be dissapointed if you think they have some miracle connection with the mfctr.

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Thanks for the heads-up about this. Christyred, I'm so sorry about your troubles...what a nightmare!

We're ready to order our carpet since our renovation is almost done...we plan to move back into our renovated house by August, but after hearing this, I wondered if we had enough lead time to order the planned-for Mohawk Smartstrand Sorona carpet in our bedrooms.

After talking with our carpet salesperson, he assures me that the colors/styles we want are available within 3 weeks if we order right now...he says that the ones we're interested in are sitting in a warehouse somewhere. I think I'll get that timeframe in writing before we place the order.

Thanks again and best of luck.

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I placed my order for Dupont Sorona on May 19 and it is now being installed. I could have had it a week ago but we were still having tile installed in other rooms and hubby wanted to paint the bedrooms before the new carpet was to be installed. Mine was Horizon New Sensation in Fresco color. BTW, I ordered the 10 lb Green Memory Foam pad. I love the pad and the carpet. Neither has an odor and the two rooms that are done are beautiful! LOve my new tile, love my new carpet, even love my Lite Lavendar walls!!!

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Comparing apples to apples, Lumber Liquidators is the bottom of the barrel!!

`ol Kenny uses illegal aliens, does he!!

in 30 years, I have never installed wood flooring for .90¢ sq.ft.

Only time will tell you, you got what you paid for.

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I got a quote from Home Depot here in Utah for the SmartStrand Silk last night and she let me know it is backordered and about 2 months out right now. She was going to double check with the factory and get back to me with a better estimate.

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HD here in metro Detroit told me 5 weeks.

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Is there another Smartstrand collection besides Horizon that's in Sorona or not??

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Not sure what lumber liquidators has to do with this, but... Christyred - Smartstrand has been a giant success and this category is in demand. With the slow economy, carpet mills are keeping less inventory on hand. Business has started to pick up. All of this has translated into demand on a popular product category at a time when inventories are low and delays have developed. Mohawk is working very hard to get caught up and is making progress on this.

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MIA? I'm hurt...

We are behind on SmartStrand...part is because of the Canadian plant closure and DuPont having to dramatically ramp up production. Part is a totally unpredictable economy that makes forecasting consumer demand virtually impossible!!! The flooring business has been hammered by low demand and plants have cut back production or even closed. The ramp up in demand is GREAT, but manufacturing of this scale does not turn on a dime. We are working very hard to get production up and it is certainly better but at the end of the day - you don't care do you? You want your home put back together and your carpet down. I get that, but PLEASE bear with us. We are trying to make everyone happy and it will ease up.

As for FloorGuy, you know this has zero to do with any litigation...that case is YEARS old. This inventory issue is utterly unrelated. Please check facts before putting out false info to consumers looking for help and not hype.

Promise I am not MIA - too many threads to check sometimes...also try

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For anyone who has had the SmartStrand installed at this point ~ does it smell or "off gass" toxic fumes when installed? Was it worth the wait?

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Just had Sorona Silk installed yesterday (154sy) and there is very little smell (some, but with my windows open barely noticeable). That's one of the reasons I purchased it; I was hoping to avoid the outgassing.

I am very happy with it. Very soft. Installers said it's very easy to work with and seams well. Also got it in only 3 weeks from HD altho they told me it'd be 5 weeks. Definitely worth the wait ( far. We'll see how it holds up over the years).

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I had Sorona Aladdin Silk installed on July 30th. I went to several carpet stores, flooring stores and finally settled with Home Depot. No one could match the sale HD had with the Sorona Silk (60oz), no one! I had one guy that tried his damndest to product/price match, but he finally gave his blessing to go with HD.

In any case, I absolutely love this carpet. I had 750sqft installed. It took them 5 weeks to get it in due to the back order. My color is Gingerbread, which is honey-colored and I think looks absolutely gorgeous. The installers were efficient, professional and worked their behinds off on a hot day. I am in South Carolina. I see no issues after 2weeks of having it. It feels wonderful underfoot. I purchased an 8lb premium pad. The odor was minimal initially and is almost completely unnoticeable now. Everyone that has seen it has oohheed and ahhhed at the feel, look and color. My teen son and dog (8lb maltipoo) love it. The dog is the funniest how he simply lays on it as if he's in heaven, seriously...all paws sprawled out on his back. I guess I was lucky with the HD installers. After all the complaints I read, I was leery, however, I have no complaints about the installers. Vacuuming seems to make the carpet feel softer? I will see how it endures over time, as of now, I am very pleased.

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I am considering SmartSrand-Mohawk for two bedrooms. I am a wood floor person, so don't have much history/knowledge about carpet. Could some comments be posted about how it has held up, etc.?

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