Fox News Does It Again

drmoeMarch 23, 2009

In another homage to blatant stupidity Fox News opens its big broadcast mouth to once again change feet. What is it this time? A weekend late night talk show decides to make fun of a Canadian General's assertion that Canadian Troops will need a year off at the end of their combat tenure in Afghanistan which is slated for 2011.

Without context, forethought or any type of empathy, Fox News' gruesome foursome decides to disparage the Canadian contingent with references to yoga, spa treatments, nail coloring and other foolishness. While they were doing this, 4 more Canadian soldiers were being transported home to be buried. A total of 116 Canadian soldiers have died in Afghanistan, and hundreds more wounded. Canadian Forces have been in Afghanistan since the beginning of that engagement, fighting side by side with U.S. forces.

Just when you thought Fox News couldn't lower their standards any further, they outdo themselves once again.

As a Grief Recovery Therapist I deplore their insensitivity and I say to the U.S. population "I know Fox News does not represent your country." They represent a small niche of right wing fundamentalists who choose to celebrate insensitivity and callousness in all its forms and oppose anything that is courageous and good for the human spirit.

My heart goes out to the families of Canada's recent military losses and to All the U.S. Families that have lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. These soldiers deserve our respect and admiration regardless of what circumstances brought them into these wars. And Fox News deserves this growing swell of antipathy for their hosts' inane remarks.

What do you think?

Maurice Turmel

Grief Recovery Specialist

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My father was a soldier in WWII;
he was at Anzio & in North Africa.

Like so many who live through the worst battles, he made light of his wartime duty.

I never knew, until after he was gone, how horrific his experiences must have been.

I'm with you, Maurice, we don't know, we *can't* know, what they've been through;
whatever our opinions of the politics behind it all, every returning veteran deserves our support, our understanding, all the love we can pour out for them.

Thanks for your post.

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Fox news should be taken off the air!

I agree with your post.

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