Bragada Bed Anyone?--Or Other Menory Bed?

trudymomNovember 11, 2005

We are looking for a bed similar to ThermaPedic and someone mentioned a Bragada. Anyone tried one or have a suggestion for another memory bed? Husband has a ruptured disc and we need a new bed.


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go on line to to find the Bragada factory site.
They are having a Thanksgiving sale, so you get 2 free pillow and free delivery to your door.
Their beds are equal to Tempurpedic at half the price, with a better warranty!
Tell them Cathyrn Colton referred you!

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I don't know what happened to this original thread but it dissapeared. Anyway I ordered a Bragada mattress on August 8th and as of September 2nd I'm still waiting for my order to be fulfilled. First they sent the wrong size mattress and cover. Then they sent the right size replacement mattress but again the wrong size cover.When I called them they said they would call me back on Monday, but they never did and now it's the following Sunday. So I have two full size covers for a queen mattress, and a full size mattress which I'm supposed to ship back but they won't tell me how. This is the worst customer service I've ever come across.

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Build your own:
3 inch 5 lb topper
5 inch polyurethane base (free shipping code F76WKIT for orders above $75 - good till 10/31/06)
8 inch cover
contour pillow

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Dear hulupoyga:

I left you a message on the other post but I don't think you got it. We want to take care of your issue ASAP but cannot tell who you are from this post. Please contact us at 1.800.478.9098 so we may take care of your situation immediately.

Thanks, Customer Service Team

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I've contacted customer service at Bragada as soon as this was posted and I was assured they were going to send me a replacement cover ASAP. A month later it still hadn't come. I called again and was assured it would be sent out ASAP. I only waited 3 weeks before I called them back, once again they said they would send a replacement cover right away. Three weeks later I haven't received anything, so I sent a lengthy e-mail to their testimonials page on their website explaining everything I had gone through. Of course they didn't post it along with the glowing reviews nor did I get a reply from them.
It's been FOURTEEN WEEKS since I ordered the Bragada mattress and I still havent had my order fulfilled. If you call the number the previous poster had given you will be directed to a voice mail and maybe they will call you back. An extention number might help. I think you should send me the best mattress cover you make, that way you'll be saving even more money when you don't send it to me.

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In case the Bragada Customer Service Team reads this, my order number is 158563 Frank K. Mi.

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I tried Bragada and its good for people having Back problems:

Orthopedic Research Institute's approved mattresses. I found this source to be a useful one

Here is a link that might be useful: Orthopedic Research Institute's approved mattresses

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I ended up buying the Bragada bed almost 2 years ago. I still like it alot. Thank you for your help.

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I would love to talk to a satisfied customer of bragada that has been helped with back, shoulder, or neck problems

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jbarker, I've had a Bragada bed for about 3 years. My back had hurt from my previous bed that I had for 20 years--way too long--and I feel great now! Let me know if I can answer anymore questions.

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I just bought a Queen size Bragada Avalon and I also have neck and back problems. It is more comfortable than my
other mattress, which was also memory foam, but very hard and I got up with an achy back and neck most of the time.
I chose Bragada because of the cost. Was looking to buy a Tempur Pedic, which would have been twice what I paid for my Bragada Avalon. There is a difference between the Bragada and the Temper Pedic, as my friend has one, but not worth paying twice as much for.
So far I am very satisfied with my bed.
Would love to hear from more Bragada customers.

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I weigh 185 and my Wife weighs about a 110 and after about 6 months of sleeping on this bed There was a crater on both sides. I sent detailed pictures with measurements showing over a 3 inch indent... as per instructed and then i got an email saying send us the mattress at your expence so that our experts can determine if the mattress is bad... My 6 year old nephew could tell that the mattress was beyond bad... This is not a blender it is a 300 pound mattress and there responce was call a freight company. Completely rediculous. PS the Bragada rep who told me all I had to do is send in pics showing the crater is conveniently not working for the company anymore.
PS my brother has a REAL Temperpedic and it doesnt sag at all... DONT BUY A CHEAP KNOCK OFF

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I feel your pain drewandy we bought our California king bragada mattress in 2004 because my husband suffers from chronic back and neck pain due to an accident. We thought we were getting a better deal because both temper-pedic and bragada are Dr. recommended and we thought it was safe and smart purchase because of bragadas "warranty" well not long after that we experienced the same craters where each of us slept. My husband is 5'8 140lbs, not a big man, and I am 5'4 115 lbs there is no way this should have ever happen. I called Bragada and did what I was told to do, I sent in pictures that clearly showed the sloping in our mattress, it was reviewed and determined there is no sagging in our mattress but the "cotton topper was lose or bunched up" some BS like that. I was told that we could send the bed into the warehouse at OUR EXPENSE, where it would be reviewed and determined if we can in fact be given Bragada's "terrific warranty." So I asked the customer service women,"so WE would have to pay to send the mattress across the country (cause we are in California) and if they determine it is not bad, they will send our same mattress right back to us?? and in the meantime my injured husband and I would be without a bed?" Yes she replied. WHERE DID THIS COMPANY COME FROM where did these owners go to school?? You don't get repeat customers like that, we dont go around telling our friends about you with customer service like that. I want to let everyone in the market for a memory foam mattress DONT BUY A BED FROM THIS COMPANY.

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Dear " drewandy " & " livmarie ":

We want to take care of your issue ASAP but cannot tell who you are from this post. Please contact us at 1.800.478.9098 so we may take care of your situation immediately. Or, email us at

Thanks, Customer Service Team
Bragada Mattresses

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In response to drewandy's post I am now experiencing the same issue!! Very disappointed with the Avalon that my wife and I bought. After only three months we have sagging as well. My brother-in-law has had a Tempur-Pedic for four years and there is no sagging. I was just told by Bragada that if I send it back they will look at it and if it is because of manufacturing defect they will send a new one and pay for the shipping. What the hell is my wife and I suppose to sleep on in the mean time????

Bragada has very poor customer service in my opinion!! Avoid at all cost.

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I would like to amend to what I relayed above by letting everyone know that Bragada called me the day after I posted the comment. They said that they wanted to help me by sending me a new mattress and that they didn't want the mattress back. This was very nice of them. I have had the mattress for about three weeks now and so far so good. I will report back if anything changes.

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Wow! After spending quite some time looking over the beds that Bragada makes, I finally made my decision on which one I wanted. I called to place my order on a new bed that is manufactured and sold by Bragada Beds. My call was after they closed for the day but was able to leave message for them to call me and process a new bed order for me. However, when I arrived home from work it, seemed prudent to check out the customer satisfaction index posted on this site. While reading what the customers were saying about the problems with the beds and poor Bragada follow up, I must admit that I will not be purchasing a Bragada bed. This certainly will keep my wife from saying "I told you so".

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We were looking for a really good mattress. Tried a TemperPedic in a store and were really impressed, both by the product and the price! So, we shopped a little and found the Bragada and it looked like what we wanted so ordered a king size Silver Cloud (we wanted a good one) and to say we were dissappointed is an understatement. It was harder than expected and developed craters after only a couple of weeks. I had to stop sleeping on it for couple of months last fall due to lower back pain. Karen recently developed lower back disc problems and went to a really good physical therapist for evaluation. One of the PT's first questions was, "What kind of bed do you have, and please don't tell me a memory foam - those are the worst for back support"... and went on to explain support issues.

We've been "sticking it out" with this up 'till now, hoping to get used to it -- afterall, what do you do with a $2,000 mattress you don't like.

All I can say is, if you're looking for a really good mattress, go to a source with good customer service and a trial/return policy, or warranty that's worth something.

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I would not recommend Bragada to anyone. I specifically went with the Vienna mattress because I wanted a mattress with the Max Edge support, which is supposed to be additional support around the full exterior of the mattress. My mattress appears to only have the Max Edge support at the sides of the mattress, and not at the head or foot. This makes the bed impossible to sit on to read before bed, as the bed sinks all the way down when I sit on it at the head or foot of the bed, and I'm only 130#, so it's not like I'm expecting it to support an unreasonable amount of weight. I contacted Bragada by phone AND at the email address that is given in a previous post by Bragada. Customer service has been terrible. Phone calls are often not returned, and I have yet to receive ANY response to my email to the corporate address. When I was able to get in touch with a customer service rep, I was told that my mattress should have Max Edge support all the way around, and their web site photos show the Max Edge on all four sides of the mattress. I have sent photos showing this problem with the mattress, but I have yet to speak to anyone from Bragada who can explain to me why I just spent over $1500 on a bed that I can't even sit up in to read at night without getting back pain. Anyone considering purchasing a Bragada mattress should seriously think twice about the quality of the product, as mine is of a much lesser quality that what I expected. I will glady share photos of my mattress with anyone who is contemplating purchasing a Bragada.

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Since my previous post, I am pleased to say that I have been contacted by Bragada and offered a full refund or exchange of the mattress, so long as I prepare the mattress to be picked up by a freight carrier by covering it in plastic and placing it in a mattress box. Covering the mattress in plastic is the easy part. Finding a mattress box for shipping is proving to be very difficult. I am in the process of looking for a mattress box so that the mattress can soon be returned and the situation resolved.

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I would now like to add that, even though my mattress has yet to be returned and a refund issued, Bragada has been very kind in assisting me in the return of the mattress. They are even helping me find alternatives to packaging the mattress in a mattress box for shipping, since I was having a difficult time finding a mattress box. Even though I have had some problems with my new mattress and, at first, with customer service, once I got in touch with the right people, Bragada seems to be making every effort to make the situation right. And, to be fair, the issues I had with my mattress may have just been a rare occurrence. I originally went with a Bragada mattress at the suggestion of my aunt who has owned a Bragada Vienna for a year and a half and she still loves hers. I might add that my aunt has a long history of back problems, including back surgery, so her recommendation of the Bragada as a comfortable mattress meant a lot. At this point in time, my faith in Bragada's customer service has been restored, and I am confident that they are working to make things right.

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I have a Bragada for a bout 3 yrs now and it has a hump in the middle of the bed. Not happy!

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Letting everyone know they should avoid Bragada Mattress and the false claims they make. They refuse to stand behind their product and will not refund their customers in anyway. Bragada had to replace a brand new mattress that was falling apart in three weeks and caused serious back pain for my wife and I both. Losing work days and creating doctor bills. Bragada Mattress second mattress under warranty caused the same serious back pain and it's lack of quality is the same as the first Bragada Mattress. Upon trying to get a refund from the beginning, their senior management reviewed our case and still refused to stand behind their product and ignored the fact they are making false claims and falsely advertising. We are now stuck with two worthless Bragada Mattresses that we can't even give away and we are out $1300.00. Companies like Bragada need to be exposed to the public and I will continue to do so.

Here is a link that might be useful: Exposing Bragada Mattress Company

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I'd like to clarify that the reason we have been so displeased with our Bragada Vienna Memory Foam Bed is due to the lack of quality in this bed. We seriously took all the reviews to heart and made our purchase based on them. Our first mattress was getting all lumped up and sinking within three weeks. On top of this it caused us great back pain, which my wife is still suffering from. Bragada was quick to replace the mattress, even though we didn't want another one due to the lack of quality, we asked for a refund. They don't do refunds so we received the second mattress in hope that it would be better like all the reviews claimed. To our disappointment, it is the same quality and we both suffered back aches from it sinking in while sleeping on it. When we first lay on it it feels fine. But after laying on it through the night, it sinks in and has caused compression of our spines. Our son has a Tempur Pedic and has never had any problems with it. The amount of money saved on purchasing a Bragada memory foam mattress is not worth the back pain. We are now out our $1300 for the mattress and another $250 for the foundation we purchased separately per Bragada's reference. I asked Bragada again if they would please pick up both of their mattresses and refund our money but they refused. I highly recommend anyone considering to purchase a Bragada mattress to look else where.

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Well, I have a good post about Bragada. They have made good on our purchase. The CEO took time to personally call me and we are very pleased with his customer service. I would like to encourage those of you that have had issues with a purchase to pursue them and not give up. I would encourage new buyers to call in and speak with someone to be sure you are buying the right mattress for your comfort instead of just buying on line based on the advertised reviews. This will allow you to ask questions and get advice on what the firmness of their different mattresses are as I do not see this on their web pages. Hopefully this will benefit in a new purchase.

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We have had our Bragada mattress for a couple of years now, and we are pleased with our purchase.

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I am so glad that I found this forum. We need to get the word out that NO ONE should buy a Bragada bed due to their poor quality and even worse customer service. We purchased a king sized Avalon and after a few months my wife and I also experienced the "crater effect". This mattress is not even in the same league as a TempurPedic. I had the original TempurPedic mattress for several years and loved it. The only reason we purchased a new mattress was to move up to a king sized bed, and now we really wish weÂd stayed with TempurPedic rather than throwing our money away on a Bragada bed. We were open to the idea of finding a better value with an online mattress dealer after my parents had a good experience with a Miami based company. Now IÂm sorry that I didnÂt go with the company they recommended or just stayed with TempurPedic.

ItÂs clear from the other posts that BragadaÂs warranty processes is just a sham that they use to stall for time or discourage claims all together. We also went through the process of submitting all the pictures they required to show the craters in the mattress, and have yet to hear back from their customer service.

If you have to make a warranty claim with them the joke is really on you because you have to prove that the mattress has deformed by more than 1.75". The only way to show the craters is by applying weight, so I had to get six 50 lbs. bags of sand from the hardware store to put on the bed and illustrate the problem. I put two bags each on the sides where my wife and I sleep and two bags in the middle. I then placed a long level on top of the bags in the middle of the bed and used a tape measure to show how the sides of the bed had turned to mush while the middle remained firm. Does that sound like a fun way to spend your Sunday afternoon?

I will never buy a Bragada bed again and would never recommend this company. This has been a very costly $1,400 mistake for us.

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Hello all,

My wife and I brought a Silver Cloud about 3 yrs ago. About 6 months ago the pain just got so bad we decided to call, and was told that without any sagging we could not qualify for a warranty claim. About 1 month ago we had clumping in the quilted top. I called again, and was this time told to take pictures and wait to see if we fail under the warranty.

We got our email, "please ship your mattress back to us and we will repair it." Don't forget you are responisble for the shipping to and fro. I got estimates, about $500 across country. What a deal!!! I called to find out how they are going to repair my mattress and how long it would be. I got; ugh, duh I don't know.

What are we supposed to do without a mattress? So glad I go a lifetime warranty.

If Bragada wants to call and try to see if they can give real customer service.

My order # is 157292.

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I just wanted to post an update informing that, even though I initially had a problem with ONE particular customer service rep not being very helpful, everyone else that I ever spoke with at Bragada was nothing but kind and helpful.

Also, in response to a previous post stating that they had to document that their mattress had sunk more than 1.75 inches--actually, I don't think it's uncommon for a mattress company to make that request. My old mattress (which was NOT a Bragada) began to get sunken areas after having it only a few months (and it wasn't cheap!), and when I called about the warranty on that mattress, I was told I would have to document sunken areas of at least 2 inches, in the exact same way that is described in the above post--with a level and a tape measure. So if Bragada requires you to document this for warranty, they aren't the only company who does so. (And 1.75 inches is less than the 2 inches I would have had to document with my old mattress.)

Also, it is not uncommon to be responsible for the costs of shipping a mattress back for repair. With my old (non-Bragada) mattress, I also would have been responsible for shipping the mattress back to the company for repair, during which time, I would have been without a mattress. There was a short window of time after purchasing that mattress--maybe a year--in which they would have paid to pick up my mattress for repair, but after that the costs of returning the mattress for repair would have been my responsibility. So, even though I do agree that it isn't a great situation to find yourself in, I would point out that this is just how mattress warranties often work. Actually, it's how most warranties work, whether it's for a toaster or a vacuum or whatever. You send a product back for repair, or you personally deliver it to a repair center. The problem is, in the case of a mattress, shipping costs can run quite high, and repair centers aren't always close enough for you to deliver the mattress yourself. On the other hand, usually by the time any warrantied repair is needed, the cost of shipping a mattress back for repair still may be less than the cost of replacing the mattress--and essentially, the repaired mattress is like getting a new mattress, so that is something to consider.

I'm not for or against any particular mattress or mattress company; I think one's mattress preferences can be as varied and personal as one's food preferences. What may be great for one person might not work well for another person at all. But I think it may be misleading to fault Bragada for their warranty policies when their warranty/repair process is no different than many other mattress companies.

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I am only 24 and have already had major surgery getting my colon removed and consequently had back pain. I was looking into getting a temper-pedic to help my back pain, when I saw the Bragada website, which claimed to be as good or better than temper-pedic with the Orthopaedic Research Institute's seal of approval, But I have come to realize that all of their claims are false advertisement! I have enough health problems as is without Bragada adding to it. I bought the Crowne By Bragada Queen Mattress & Foundation back in November 08' and have been feeling the sinking/crater situation for a while now and when I called, much like the other customers on this site and elsewhere, I got the "mail in pics" response and total evasion of the false advertisement question. After reading this forum, I am really concerned about what is to come and feel there is not even a point to sending in pics bc I am under the impression that they are going to make me pay for shipping to and from for their own bad quality/manufacturing mistakes (WHICH WILL COST THE SAME OR MORE AS THE MATTRESS ITSELF!!!)! Times are tough and I had trouble paying the $1000 in the first place. I do not see the point in basically paying the price of a new mattress with no guarentee they will stand by their product and give me a new one! Especially with what everyone else is reporting. I have already left the Orthopaedic Research Institute a message to call me back because I fully intend on telling them about this forum as well as others, unless Bragada decides that I am a worthy enough case to help... but I doubt it. If by some miracle, Bragada reads this and wants to help, my office number is 818-379-9400. I am so exhausted from sleepless nights... I just want a mattress that is going to support the way Bragada says their mattresses are suppossed to. Please help me Bragada!!

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My family purchased three Bragada mattresses in late November, and we began using them in late December. Now, with only two months of use, two of them are awful. The third is used by a child who doesn't weigh enough to affect the mattress. Like so many others who posted on this site, our mattresses have deep craters -- like sinkholes. We reported the problem to Bragada and received the same ridiculous e-mail response as so many of you. The text appears below.

More experiences like ours are posted on, as well.

It appears we, like many of you, have a viable CLASS ACTION case. Please respond if you are interested in joining us in exploring your legal rights and options.

Here's the text of that e-mail.

>Dear XXXXX,
> >To begin the warranty process we would need a minimum of five pictures of
>your bed. The visible indentations MUST be greater than 1.75" to be covered
>by your warranty. Before taking the pictures, please remove all linens
>the mattress. You would then need to place a long, flat object across the
>width of the mattress (yardstick, etc.). The required pictures are:
> >1. One full view picture of the mattress, from the foot of the bed.
> >2. One close up view, on an angle, showing the indentations under the flat
> >3. One close up view, on an angle, showing the indentations under the flat
>object with a ruler lightly resting on the mattress to show the depth of
>indentations. (please do not put pressure on the ruler).
> >4. One full view picture of the box springs, from the foot of the bed (with
>the mattress removed).
> >5. One full view picture of the bed frame, from the foot of the bed (with
>the box springs removed).
> >Please include your name, order number, daytime phone number and current
>address. You should receive a response within 3-4 business days, after
>receipt of the pictures.
> >Please email the pictures to:
> >Or, mail to:
> >Bragada Mattresses
>Attn: Warranty Department
>762 Highlander Point Drive #288
>Floyds Knobs, IN 47119

>Note: Mailing the pictures to our office will certainly delay the process.
>Thank you,
>Bragada Mattress

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I bought the Bragada Silver Cloud in 2008, Queen size, to help alleviate chronic lower back pain. After about 6 months, it did get some denting in the top layer. But it remains incredibly comfortable and did help with my back pain. Well, that and doing reverse crunches every night before bed ;)

Last year we moved to a new house and could fit a King-sized bed in our bedroom. Not wanting to spend the $2K, we bought a cheap knock-off from Amazon ( My back pain is back and it's so uncomfortable we literally sneak into the guest room to sleep on the Bragada 4+ nights/week. The first time we did it, we were both so giddy at how comfortable it was, we started laughing out loud.

I almost got cold feet buying the King-sized Bragada after reading this thread. But the fact is that, despite some buckling on the top layer, we're *really* happy with our Silver Cloud after 5 years. So we're going to spring for the King and start sleeping in our own room again.

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