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leen55March 6, 2006

Very recently a friend lost her husband to suicide. We were pretty good friends (used to have tea & chat together in her kitchen) when our children were younger. Have lost touch with her as the kids got older. I would still see her in town and about at times. I have been thinking of her every day since her husband died (a week ago) I went to visit her at home but she and her children had been staying with relatives. Would it be "proper" when I go to visit her to give her a bouquet of flowers and maybe a box of tea? Leen

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Please bring your friend a box of tea and a copy of the book "This To Shall Pass, Keeping Faith During Tough Times". Small conversation is good. She needs lots of time to talk about her sorrow.Hopefully you will be a blessing she needs.
My son was killed 3 months ago today in an motorcylce accident. Greif is always with my family but someone,"out of the blue", can brighten our day with just remembering the joyfull times with us. Bless You for caring enough about your friend to rekindle the friendship.

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What a beautiful gesture of friendship, and ditto to what Lauren said.
I'm sure your friend will be very pleased to have you back into her life.

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How nice to reach out to your friend. I know that since our son died, we have heard from all sorts of people, many from long ago who knew him as a little boy. We are so grateful to everyone who has reached out to us. Thank you for caring about her.

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Be careful with the assumption that books about faith and religion are good ideas. Tea, chats and listening are better ideas.

After my sister's death I was swamped with Christian-Themed "Dead People Go To Heaven" books. I'm not Christian, I'm Buddhist.

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I think we always have a special bond with friends we had when our children were growing up, even if we have not stayed in touch. Go see your friend, take flowers and tea, and don't "talk around" her loss. She needs to talk about it. She's not necessarily looking for answers, just wants to share what she has been going through. You are a wonderful friend.

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I would run, not walk. And bring a box of Kleenex along with the flowers and tea. You are kind-hearted to want to do this. Bless you.
Emma in PA

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Ditto lazygardens...

Bring your sympathy, friendship, and good will. Leave your philosphical/spiritual ideas at home unless you know in advance such "sharing" would be welcome.

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