looking for foot file recommendations

natalJune 14, 2012

I've only used the PedEgg, but the quality of the blade is inconsistent. I just received an order of two from drugstore.com and both were defective. They're refunding my money. I ran into a similar problem last year when I bought a pack of 3 replacement blades. Only one was sharp.

What brand do you use? I'm thinking about trying Microplane. I love their kitchen tools.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I use an Oxo Good Grips Medium Grater and a pumice stone.
Very smooth skin with the combo.

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When my heels get very callused, I use my palm sander to smooth them. It works better than any file I've tried. My heels are as smooth as a baby's behind when I'm done. The only problem is that it tickles. Just use sandpaper with a fine grit. I think you can buy sanders for your feet, but if yo already have a palm sander, why not use it. Keeping your feet moisturized helps prevent calluses, too.

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Pumice stone in the shower, and Ped egg outdoors. :) Actually I wouldn't have to use the Ped egg if I remembered to use the stone in the shower all the time.

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I really like the pumice stone too. I got mine at Sally's or Walgreens. Much prefer it to the ped egg.

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You'll laugh when I tell you what I use occasionally. A few years back I had to see a podiatrist and I was complaining about my SEVERELY dry heels. She used a dremel on my feet and showed me which type sander attachment to use. You have to be careful, but it does wonders. I use a pumice stone in between.


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Palm sander and a dremel - LOL! I think I'd probably hit bone!

I get pedicures pretty regularly and that helps a bunch but I also take a long bath and at the end I use one of those yellow pumice sponges. It's basically a hard block of foam and works great.

I also find that since I wear tennis shoes more often my feet stay softer.

Be careful when removing calluses that you don't take any living skin which happens easily when using blades. My understanding is that calluses form to protect irritated/raw skin so when you remove too much your skin will quickly produce more callus to protect itself.

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You have to be careful with the Dremel, Kelly, but it really works well. For some reason those blades creep me out. I don't have calluses just terribly dry skin. The foot doc told me you have to get rid of that first and then keep the "good" skin below well moisturized. I don't have to use the Dremel very often any more, but I do use an exfoliater that helps get rid of the dead, dry skin also. If I keep it under control, I can get away with just that and not the dremel.

Maybe there's something to the tennis shoe theory. I can't stand having my feet covered though. I even have flip-flop tan lines at times. LOL


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I get very thick callouses on my feet if I don't take care of them twice a week. Like Tina, I also use a Dremel and it works wonderfully! My DH recommended I use his and my podiatrist also uses them in his office all the time. You really can't hurt yourself using one if you follow a few simple rules. (1) Always keep the speed on low and have patience! (2) Keep the Dremel moving so that your skin doesn't heat up causing you a little zing of pain. (3) Don't try to get it perfect the first few times. Instead, concentrate on taking the callous down evenly, paying particular attention to where you usually crack. Those areas around any cracks are the culprits. Where you crack is the weakest area. (4) Always rub on some soothing ointment after using any foot file or Dremel. I use A&D Ointment. It keeps the skin healthy and keeps me from getting those after-filing skin infections.(5) Use one of the drum-shaped Dremel attachments and keep it just for your feet. I've found that the metal sanders work better than the sandpaper ones for me.

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I use a Microplane foot file. Love it! Pricier than the Ped Egg, but it's much better quality. I bought my most recent one on Amazon.

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A bit off topic, but still involves feet - I don't get bad callouses on my feet but I have trouble keeping the cuticles on my toes under control. Does anyone else have this problem - or better yet, a solution?

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Doesn't the same cuticle remover you use on your hands also work on your feet? I soak my feet until they are soft, put cuticle remover on them and then use one of those orange sticks to push away the cuticle.

My feet only get callused in the summer when I wear sandals, not at all in the winter.

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Never found a pumice adequate and I definitely can't see myself using an electric tool. I feel more in control with the blade files. I think I'll try the Microplane.

BB, I couldn't find an Oxo foot file. Are you using their kitchen grater?

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kimberly, you changed my life last night : )

I had never even thought of using a food grater on my feet and recoiled a bit when I read your post...but there are plenty of people on Amazon who do what you do and I have now appropriated our current microplane for my podiatric use! I'll buy a new one for food.

It works better than anything I've ever tried. I feel like a different person this morning without the callouses on my feet. One more reason to love gweb!

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I have to admit the idea of using DH's dremel made me lol. :)

I am curios - is this the microplaner? They have a thinner one that I would think would work better, but no reviews about how it works on feet.

Here is a link that might be useful: microplaner at amazon

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I thought I was the only one using a palm sander. Dedtired, you are not alone.

I don't have much trouble with my feet, but I found the sander works better than pumice stone for me, expecially at the start of sandal season. After that, I keep them soft with lanolin and socks put on a couple of times a week after showering.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Yes, the grater. Lars uses it too.

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BB, I knew Lars used a Microplane ... couldn't remember if it was a kitchen or woodworking tool. I took a look at mine and decided I liked the shape of those made specifically for feet. I'm getting one of the orbs (similar to a PedEgg) and one of the XL Pros.

Boop, here's a link to the Microplane site. They have kitchen, woodworking, and personal grooming tools. I love their kitchen tools!

Here is a link that might be useful: Microplane

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The best lotion is Amlactin. When I first started using it Amlactin was available by prescription only. Now it's available OTC. It's used by diabetics and people with bad feet due to peripheral vascular disease. I get it online at drugstore.com .

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Kswl, I used it for years too ... first as a Rx then OTC. I find some of the Aveeno lotions are just as good.

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I've tried several products but the one that's my present favorite sanding tool is "Checi Professional 404, Coarse".

Bought one of those things with the razor blade and that didn't work at all, plus it scared me. Big mistake, horrible product.

What did work better than anything else I've tried was Esteemia Callus Away. Bought it at CVS. I apply the thick liquid with a q-tip and have a damp washcloth ready to rinse off. Then you use the emory board that comes with it to rub the callus skin away. I found the same emory board in a larger size at the drug store, it's for nails but looks exactly like the one they provide. I could not believe the results and in just a few minutes.

For moisturizer I like the roll-on cracked heel balm. Easy to apply because you don't have to your your hands.

Can someone tell me WHY WE EVEN HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH OUR FEET!! I never had this when I was in my 20s. Is this part of getting old??? Yet another PITA I have to deal with. lol

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I don't think it's age-related. I started having problems in my early 40s. My mom lived to her 90s and never had trouble with her feet.

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Flyleft, I'm so glad your Microplane worked well for you! I've not tried the one from my kitchen before, but that's great it works. The one made for feet has larger surface area and larger grating holes. The one I most recently bought also comes with a sanding cartridge, that I use after I have used the grating cartridge - same sort of concept as using sand paper on wood when you start with the coarser paper and finish up with the fine stuff.

Just be careful not to attempt to take off too much at once. I have done that and it hurts! And use it only on dry skin - never wet skin. I often use mine before bed at night, slather on some thick lotion and then put on socks. (One time I got a pedicure and the tech said to put petroleum jelly on my feet every night.)

Hope you see good long-term results!

Here is a link that might be useful: Microplane Foot File I Bought

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