vacuums: I finally bought one

susie100June 25, 2012

I few weeks ago I asked for recommendations regarding vacuum cleaners from members of this forum. After reading all the input and agonizing (I do this over almost every purchase of more than a few $), I bought a Shark Navigator with a swivel head. It's not the liftaway one, since I already have a small hand vac for those jobs.

Cons: Won't go under the bed (at least mine) since the body is too wide to fit under); weight at swivel head makes it too difficult for me to maneuver on the stairs, but again, I can use the hand vac.

Pros: Doesn't feel like a cheap piece if plastic; feels quite substantial, actually; was easy to put together; most of all, carpets look and feel almost new and I can't believe all that "stuff" came out of the rugs. Ew. Pleased overall, and thank you all again for your input.

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Good to hear your feedback. My not-so-old vacuum is broken already, so I'll keep your positive report in mind.

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I think we have the same model. My sister bought the lift off and it seems heavier and not as balanced as mine. Yes, the fine dirt. Yuck. I bought a bottle brush and wash my dirt holder in the sink. Just make sure it is dry before you use it again. The instructions say to use a dry cloth but the brush, sink, soap and water works much better.

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I am bringing up this older post to say that I just bought the same Shark Navigator Pro (not the lift away) and I just love it! I bought it at Costco and with the $30 coupon they were offering, it was $119. We have a dog and a cat and I cannot believe the amount of pet hair and fine dirt that this vacuum picks up. It is the best $119 I have ever spent!
Thanks for the tip!


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Dawn, I got the same deal on a replacement vacuum. When I was out of town DH broke a glass inside the dishwasher. He vacuumed it out along with the water inside my dishwasher. By the time I got home, my Shark was filled with mold as it wasn't sink cleaned when I left...

DH felt terrible and bought me the Shark Pro. that week ( thanks to the coupon). Well, I cleaned up the mold from the watered Shark, including the hose, with bleach and a long brush before giving my old ( new) vacuum to Aimee. She is thrilled. My new Shark is white instead of silver. I assume you have a white one too.

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Gold -

Yes, mine is white too.

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