jenniferwMarch 25, 2006

Have any of you ever gotten "signs" from your loved ones who have passed? I'm convinced lately that I've been getting signs from my mom. When she was alive she drove a late model Buick. It's not a car that you really see around much these days. Well, for the last week or so I've been seeing these cars EVERYWHERE I go. It amazes me. I'm not sure if I'm crazy or just never paid much attention before but everytime I see that car I smile and feel my mom's love and presence in my heart.

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I'm chuckling because that was the first sign I received from my daughter Jill. The day after she died I remember thinking, I had no idea Jill's car was the most popular model in the county. Of course it wasn't, and I eventually realized that she had orchestrated their appearance (all over the place!) to let me know she was all right. It was the first of many, many signs. I wish you many more, Jennifer.


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Thank you Susan!

It's weird cause I haven't really had any signs that I'm aware of except this one. And I have a feeling it's happening now all of a sudden because I'm getting married in a month and I miss her SO much and wish more than anything that she could be there with me. But as long as she's there in spirit that's all that matters.

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Believe me, they know when you miss them the most. I still, after nearly five years, get signs in times of deepest need.

Best wishes on your wedding!


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I definitely believe in signs. We just need to keep our eyes and ears open.
May you have many years of marital happiness! I know your mom will be with you in spirit at your wedding.

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I think maybe I did last nite, or should I say early this morning. About 1 a.m. I heard the alarm clock go off. I woke up, shut it off then, made my husband get up, cuz I thought it was 6:00 a.m for him. He got out of bed, and went to put his clothes on, and must of looked at his watch, and said...its only 1 in the morning. I don't remember dreaming anything prior to the alarm going off, it seemed so real. Im hoping its a sign, or at least that is the way I would like to perceive it. My mom passed away unexpectantly 9 months ago. Ive mourned her death alot, and blamed myself for not being there when she needed me the most.

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I get them when least expected...but it does seem to be when I need them the most.

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I always say my husband is a very powerful spirit, I have had so many signs. the most recent was on the 29th (our anniversary) that one was the hardest holiday yet.I thought It would never end went thru 3 boxes of klenex, shut the phone off, locked the door. the only time I left was to go to the cemetery.While I was there I told him happy anniversary and said I wish I could hear you say it to me, when I got home I headed straight to my room, I have a touch lamp on my nightstand , when I turned on the light to my room the lamp went from off to the brightest setting all by its self. I knew that was him telling me happy anniversary!! I agree with everyone I get them when im feeling the worst, its such a great feeling to know they are still here somehow. And good luck with your wedding im sure your mom will be there with you.
always tracy

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The day after my Mom died, my apple tree blossomed out-of-season by several months.

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Yes - my brother was just buried on Friday - and I sat outside a McDonalds and asked Eric to show me a sign that he is still here with me - at that moment this big work truck pulled in and took up about 10 spots sideways - he got out came over to me and it was as though he knew me sort of thing. He asked me how I was, and I told him that I just buried my brother - he asked me to stand up so that he could hug me - and he said "Everyone needs a hug sometimes. But just remember that your brother is in a better place. He then went on to explain to me that his twin brother passed away five years ago - so he knew what I was going through. He told me that everything will be alright. I truly believe that my brother worked through this complete stranger the day we buried him to let me know that he is still here with me.

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Wow--I would say you're absolutely right.

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A friend from work died very unexpectedly and I got the news on Thursday morning. Thursday night DH brought home Chinese food. When I opened my fortune cookie at the end of the meal, for the first time I can ever remember, it was empty -- no fortune!

I took that as a sign from my friend that his time was up, that he was not supposed to have another tomorrow. I will try to let go of the idea that he should have lived longer and just be happy for what we shared while he was here.

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I've never mentioned my "Vision'? of Mother to anyone... Maybe someday I'll write about it here.
I was going to tell my sister, but every time I thought of it, I knew I would start to cry. I was at her house when she was sick, and she started to lay down when she looked startled, and said, that she saw Mother, so real, looking at her, standing near the bedroom window in the brown checked dress that she had sewn..."Watching over you" I told her...she asked me if I had "seen" Mother like that...I said yes, but I never told her about it...meant to someday...but she died in the Spring of 2003 from brain cancer. My older and only sister, and my only true friend.
Working in the yards became therapy for me, my DH cautioned me about all the snakes and about working outside after dark...A few days after her funeral, I was out, pulling up weeds,couldn't see the ground, I started to reach for another handful of weeds,when i heard the alarming, but familiar voice of my sister shout, "Ashli!"....I stopped, quickly turned toward the carport where the voice came from...and just as I turned, I heard a rustling in the weeds...the kind of sound a snake makes...and then noticed it was almost totally dark out...

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Ashli, I hope you will write about it here when you're ready. In the meantime, you should at least write it down for yourself.

It's wonderful the way your sister warned you. My daughter warned her best friend with the scent of flowers and prevented a car accident. I think Lulie's daughter did something similar as well.


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I am not sure what this meant but I like to think it was an answer to my prayer. It was my first fathers day without my dad. He died unexpectedly in Nov 2005 of a cerebral hemmorage. Terrible day, I cried most of it, my dad was gone 7 months on fathers day. Anyway I was sitting on my porch reading my bible (I find great comfort doing that). I asked God to please send me a sign for fathers day so I know my dad is safe with him in heaven, and if he knew how much we love and miss him. I asked God to please let me see a monarch butterfly as my sign, (I havent seen any yet this year). About 5 minutes later a monarch butterfly flew out from between my house and my neighbors house. I couldnt believe it. I started to cry then a peaceful feeling came over me. Has anyone ever heard of the Aztecs believing that a monarch butterfly represents the spirit of a loved one. I would really appreciate any thing to grasp onto to get me thru what this might have meant. Thankyou for listening to my experience.

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June 17 was the day my son and granddaughter died, three years ago. On the first 2 anniversaries, I found baseballs - Dave was such a good player, and baseball represented a lot of what our family did together as the boys grew up. This year, I was taking a shower and the lights blinked a little before 9:00AM, just about the time they died. I don't know if it was anywhere else in the house since none of the clocks were off, but the bathroom lights blinked noticeably. The last Mother's Day that Dave was alive, he sent me a beautiful hydrangea. After it bloomed, I planted it in the yard. Then we moved and I dug it up, and replanted it here. No blooms that summer nor the following. This year, it's covered with blooms. I think those two signs are his gift to me. That night I had the most vivid dream about him. It was wonderful to see his beautiful face and hear his voice again. I can look at photos of them, but I can't bear to watch the videos, so I only ever see and hear him in dreams, and the three messages from Millie that I saved on my answering machine that she left for us right before they died.

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My daughter passed away unexpectantly last month on may 28th aged 23, she always drew hearts at school, big bulging hearts, the sunday after the funeral june 4th my husband and I were standing near our pond in the backyard, and the fountain turned a beautiful shaped heart, it's never ever done that before, it's always the shape of a dome! the heart shape lasted about 1 hour and then it turned back to normal, we are sure it's a sign from our girl letting us know she is ok.

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a href=""; title="Pho

This photo was taken the sunday after my daughters funeral, she used to draw hearts all the time at school, she was only 23, the fountain is normally a dome shape, the heart shape only lasted 1 hour before it turned back to normal.

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Martha! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us. I loved reading all the signs that everyone has posted.
It's really neat to actually be able to see this. I'm so glad that you took a picture of it, not only for yourself, but for us!

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You are very welcome, we grabbed our dig camera as soon as saw the sign, I also have a video, I really wanted to share this photo to give you all comfort, and to let you know our loved ones are near!

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Martha, that's wonderful!!

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Martha, what a wonderful sign that your DD is still near you. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us. I have had so many "experiences" since my DH passed. I know, beyond a doubt, that our loved ones are with us and watching over us.

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Hi, I thought I would show you all what the fountain normally looks like, it is always like that, except for that 1 hour after my daughter passed.

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my nephew Isaiah died sept 5th 2006 unexpectedly, i found him dead in his crib exactly one week to the day before his 1st birthday, no signs does this mean hes not around me? still waiting on toxicology to learn why he died.

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I think signs can appear any time, often when you least expect it. I had my first sign from my son 3 months after he died, and I continue to receive them, although not often. I have had two dreams about his precious little girl, our granndaughter in the past week. I have never dreamed about her before...she's been gone 3 years, as he has. Please accept my sympathies on the loss of your precious Isaiah. Losing a child is a terrible hurt, but a small child or a baby is really unbelievable. I'm sure your nephew is everywhere around you.

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I wish I had signs about my dad. it would help alot. i pray my dad made it to heaven. I pray he heard the word before he passed, for me I think thats what i need most, since I cant have h im back, oh I so much want him back.

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I found him after he went into rigamortis and he had brown stuff on his face I dont know what it was either, I picked him up not realizing he was in rigamortis and that really traumatized me and I keep replaying it over in my head and cant seem to make it go away, its been a month and I dont know if I will ever get over this...the night before he died I was playing with him and gave him a bath we had taken him to target store to buy his birthday presents, who knew hed be gone by morning....

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