Solar Powered Crosses

lulie___wayneMarch 21, 2005

Does anyone have a solar powered cross? Someone who is buried near my mom and Christin has one on their grave and I LOVE it. It is so beautiful at night. I want to go to a religious article store soon and try to find one. I saw them on the internet, but if I can buy one locally, I'd rather do that. That would be a nice thing to put on a grave at Easter.

Anyone familiar with them?


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They have them at the cemetery that my daughter is buried
at Lu. They sell them there for $40.00. I was gonna buy one
for my daughter's grave site. Ask at your cemetery if they
have them.

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Thanks, Gloria. I know that they don't have them at our cemetery, but I will check around at others.

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Lulie...Found a web site selling the crosses you are looking for.

Best wishes, Mark in Buffalo

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Mark, thanks for the site. This is the sme one I had already seen, though. I was hoping so much that I could find one locally and not have to buy off the internet.
I appreciate your help.

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Call some Christian bookstores. one near our old house sell them, maybe others do as well.

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I bought a Solar Light Cross from, because they had a better price and offered a coupon at the time. They have one of the best cemetery and memorial website I have seen. So if you are worried about shipping charges, they are very reasonable in comparison to other websites.

Here is a link that might be useful: Memorial Silks

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Along this line, my brother put a solar landscaping light by my Dad's grave and it too looks really nice. And I have seen steel markers in white or silver that have a small photo (your loved one's face) and a small engraved plate underneath. They look really nice too. I can provide an email address for contact information if anyone is interested.

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Hello Lu, It has been a long time since I have been might want to call around to florist shops....the one I did work at sold them. I have moved...but go back often....if you can't find one...let me know. I will send you my new e-mail. Nora

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Lu...if you do a search on eBay for "Solar Cross", you'll find several.

Just for the heck of it, I also did a search for "Solar Angel" and found this. I'm thinking about getting one to go on our little Matthew's grave.

Here is a link that might be useful: Solar Angel

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I bought 4 of the crosses at my local florist. I had to carry them back, because only one of them worked properly.
One didn't work at all, and the other two only worked for a couple of hours and go off. If I shook the crosses they would come back on. I found all this out by going to the cemetery at night for a week, and tried everything to make them work. The Florist gave me a refund, no questions ask.
So, I assumed they had others brought back. They are Beautiful when they work, but plain looking by themselves.
I bought the Solar Angel for my little Daughters grave and it works beautifully. I just ordered the Bible for my Parents and Brother. I just hope it works as well as the Angel, because I had to order them on the internet.

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