Re- Hemorrhoids

deb_paJanuary 19, 2013

Bird-lover, you mentioned you keep a water bottle on your desk. I got my hemorrhoid the day my daughter was born and it only bothers me a few times a year. You need to put a nice soft pillow on you desk chair if you sit there often. I noticed mine would flare up from sitting on the hard desk chair. Also try to never get constipated or real loose bowel movements, both will irritate the hemorrhoid. I keep a prescription of cortizone suppositories on hand because I never know when it will act up, even carry one in my purse in case I need it when I'm out. Hope this helps.

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A doctor told my husband how to prevent hemorrhoids, he ignored the information and eventually had to have surgery.

I have a slight problem,and used the instructions the doctor game my husband: Use a box of 12 suppositories following the directions on the box. After they have shrunk a bit I take these precautions. Do not wipe with a lot of pressure because it pulls the muscles out. Clean yourself carefully then follow up with a wet wipe. I buy unscented toddler type wipes because of their thickness and size and dispose of it in the plastic bag the newspaper comes in. He also suggested using Vaseline when you notice a problem.

Mine have not been bad enough to use a pillow, prevention is the best thing. While you are trying to get rid of the problem take warm baths, soaking until the water cools helps a lot.

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I am using Rx cortisone suppositories & it helps but they are expensive, as well as 'Balneo'l cleansing creme (rather expensive also... but not a Rx!).

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I used to have constipation - years ago. I was never "normal" - then I started having steel cut oats every morning religiously - I have been "normal" everyday and it has made a world of a difference for me.

Not sure if this would work for everyone, but it sure does work for me.


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Try eating 3 prunes a day.

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