Carlton Wood Flooring

4mom23girlsJune 11, 2011

Hi all...

We found a lovely wood floor by Carlton through our builder. We went to a local flooring store to get comparables. We asked if he sold Carlton and he said he used to carry them, but no longer and didn't want to go into why. Hum. Ever heard of such a thing? Anyone have these floors? Anything I should know that is fishy about them?

We fell in love with Carlton Landmark Smoked Walnut Riverbed. We're looking for long planks and wide planks.

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You said you found it through your builder, has he had experience with this floor? Can he show you other jobs he used this floor in?

As for the retailer's response, it could mean many things. There are many floors I don't carry because a like product is offered by another manufacturer at a better price point. Maybe, he doesn't like the customer service or the amount of time it takes to get this product delivered. Or maybe he has had trouble with the quality. The list can go on and on...... and doesn't always mean something is wrong with Carlton Hardwood Flooring. You might find another retailer who carries this product and ask them.

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