Wide space between first and second toes

jennJanuary 7, 2005

My nephew is 4 years old. On the day he was born, I noticed a gap between his first and second toes. Maybe it's completely normal but I noticed it. Today I was reading about a congenital abnormality that includes a wide gap between the first and second toes. A picture showed a much wider gap than my nephew's. I did a Google search on "sandle gap" and it seems to be a symptom of a variety of abnormalities.

My nephew seems healthy and normal in every way. He is learning and developing at a normal rate (or better) and shows no signs of any problems. He's very physically agile, loves books, and everything else good in a child his age. He does have one foot that is slightly turned in and causes him to trip sometimes when barefoot but he wears an orthotic in his shoe to correct that. Otherwise, no other problems. Even so, my worrying mind has me wondering about that gap between his toes. (Dang this internet -- too much information!!) It's not very wide, just wider than the gap between the other toes.

Has anyone noticed a wide gap between these toes in healthy people? I've never noticed it before.


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Jen -
Next time you are at the beach or in a locker room, start looking at feet. One of mine has a wider gap between the first toes than the other.

True "sandle gap toes" are usually accompanied by a host of serious skeletal deformities and other problems.

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Thank you. I can put that worry to rest now. :-)

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I have a daughter-in-law that has a gap between her first and second toes, and she is perfectly healthy. I guess it is just one of those things that happen from time to time. Vique.

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Jenn- don't you have enough on your plate as it is?

that's it- no internet for you for at least a week!

I was born with your nephew's feet- and, in the style of age of surgery and braces, they 'fixed' them.

they also caused me a lifetime of ankle injuries, shinsplints, and expressions of disbelief when a series of podiatrists looked at the xrays of my feet.

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chinacat -- LOL.

I've concluded he is perfectly normal. :-) I've seen photos in catalogs of shoe models and some of them have a gap too. There's nothing wrong with this kid.... he's smart, strong, fun, funny, agile, sweet, .... :-)


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the gap is normal in a foot that hasn't beencompressed into american footwear. we all would look like that if we went thru life barefoot or in sandals.

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