RE: Future of antibiotics looks gloomy...

Konrad___far_northJanuary 27, 2012

Should I or not take antibiotics?

I know, hard to say when or not to take them, I was just reading that someone took them when a bit down with a cold in bed watching movies.

It's irresponsible by the doctor giving them out for a little downer.

If I'm in bed sick with a cold,...and not even feeling like to watch TV, my mind never say's antibiotics.

Here is a report from 1987

Contact Report 216, Monday, March 16, 1987

Billy: ...what you can officially answer for me is certainly the question that you recently meant with it, when you said that the future of antibiotics looks gloomy.

Quetzal: ..My allusion referred to the fact that the earthly physicians will be forced to investigate new medicines in terms of antibiotics. This will find its reasons in the fact that more and more, the Earth people will senselessly take antibiotics and to be sure, ones that are irresponsibly prescribed by the doctors - for even the most minor of illnesses. But on the other hand, people will also be tormented more and more by antibiotic injections in all sorts of meats and other food products, causing a wide variety of bacterial strains to become resistant against antibiotics. This will happen, on the one hand, through the irresponsibility of many doctors and, on the other hand, through the fault of those who, due to their greed for profit, allow foods of all kinds to be filled with antibiotics, as this has already been the case for quite some time in all industrialized countries, in which animals are bred for slaughter and foods of all kinds are produced in order to be placed on the consumer market and sold to the consumers. These, then, are the ones who become impaired in their immune systems by the antibiotic-impregnated food and who become infected with bacterial strains, against which there are no longer possibilities for defense. In particular, multi-resistant germs or bacteria will emerge more and more in hospitals, against which there will be almost no possibilities for defense any more or else none at all. Particularly in this regard, the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus will excel in an extremely dangerous form as an especially multi-resistant hospital germ, which is designated by the short name of MRSA....a multi-resistance will appear over time, which will result, then, only as a natural effect of the cause of antibiotic abuse. As I said, more and more antibiotics will be irresponsibly given to the patients by the doctors, and on the other hand, the people of the Earth will eat more and more antibiotic-contaminated meats of all kinds, and to be sure, meats of mammals of all kinds and also of fishes and fowls. Yet through this, more and more deaths will appear, just due to the failure of medicines or due to a lack of suitable and effective medicines. From these facts, there will already be talk very soon of an "end of the antibiotic age" among the Earth people.

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this was 24-25 years ago. And, YES, bacteria are getting used to antibiotics.

Maybe it's part of the plan to control the population of the Earth people.

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Yes Agnes, this might be the plan with our over population but it hasn't helped all that much, some Countries are already on a decrease but we need to do allot more. China made a good move many Years ago with a one Child policy. When we get this under control and clean up the earth for better air, plus progress in health & science, we should be getting allot older.

Since this statement from my first post was from 25 years ago and soon it will be reality, with other huge amount of other predictions, let's me to believe that the contacts Billy has with ET's are real.

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