Smartstrand too what?

jennifer_in_kansasJune 6, 2011

I'm so disappointed. I finally decided on Smartstrand Sorona from Carpet Corner, a local store. It's 3.75/sq ft for 40oz (dining room) and $4.53/sq ft for 60oz (family room, sitting room & stairs). This price includes generic 8lb pad + installation.

Well, apparently I miscalculated how much I needed and the final price is outside of my budget.

The 2nd runner up was comparable weight Anso. Does this product run about the same price?

I am usually a really good researcher but I'm a bit deflated right now. And since my dining room is down to subfloor I have to keep moving forward.

The carpet needs to stand up to our life:

2 cats. No urine issues but carpet does need to stand up to hairballs.

A small dribble or two of coffee

We wear our shoes indoors (but this can be changed)

We vacuum about once a week

No children

Do you have any suggestions on a carpet that would be a good fit for us & the budget? Possibly just a level down from Smartstrand? It was a struggle to get DH to agree this time - it won't happen again for another 20yrs.



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Anso will be close in price. I would be asking about a Shaw ever-touch nylon. Anso does have some lighter weight stuff,but you will not like it after viewing 40 ounce and above products. Stay away from the polyesters as they just will not perform in the long run.Carpet has really gone up. Two major increases this year so far..February and April... It makes me sick but is fuel driven. Look at Evertouch Nylon. Good carpet..less money and its nylon!There will be some light weight smart strand out there, but you will not like it because it is soft but not thick at all.Good Luck.

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Thanks Floortech.

Last night I went shopping a bit more and realized the price I was quoted wasn't really that high in comparison to other carpets. I guess it was sticker shock.

Glad you mentioned the lower weight Smartstrand. I was debating on getting it but had real reservations about it.

I'll definitely look into Shaw Ever-touch nylon.


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