Daughter on drugs..children in limbo

emily cinicolaDecember 29, 2001

For 8 years, my daughter has been going back & forth to a Man that is a drug addict,alcoholic and beaten her up 3 times.I took her daughter from her and raising her now for past 6 years. She got pregnant and had another child by this abusive crack head boyfriend and now,this child is being dragged through hell........I am too old to start over raising a 2 yr old on top of this 14 year old. My daughter thinks I'm taking her children & trying to control her life. The court put this 2 yr old in my custody due to my daughters drug abuse & boyfriends drug abuse & violent nature,with the agreement she would stay in my home away from this boyfriend & help with the 2 yr old........now my daughter has gone back to the abusive boyfriend and doing drugs again and dragging the 2 yr old with her. I took the child and placed her with a friend of mine who would like to foster care the child. I don't know what to do anymore, I am just devastated she has done this to another one of her daughters. I don't want to give up the 2 yr old,but I am too old to raise another child plus the 14 yr old one. HELP...which way should I turn. thank you.

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I am deeply sorry for this tragdy to you and your family, but I feel you must talk to either social service/and/or a family that will step in and take these children. Do you go to any church--if not, go to one of the larger churches in your area, or contact Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Co. and they will advise you what is best. These are professional trained personal. These children need to be taken out of the area so your daughter cannot get access to them. Have you talked to the naracotic officers in your area? If you are in a small/med town you may have to go to the state level. You are putting yourself and these children in a very dangerous situation. Please get some professional help. There are many many resourses for you.There must be a agency in your area that will help.
Just go one day at a time, but do it NOW. If your older GD is in HS, there should be help there also, in not, again go to the state/leval.

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Marie is correct, social services or some like authority should remove the child immediately. I know it will be hard but its for the good of the 2 year old, and just maybe the poor child will get a good home with a family who realizes a child is a blessing and should be treated accordingly.

Sorry for your situation, but can understand when age catches up and does not allow us to do all the things we would like to do.

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Thank you for the comments and advise. I already have family services helping me,but to my disappointment,they seem to be a total waste....they are not consistant with help, and what they have ordered for my daughter to be doing,is not working. My daughter continues a bad road of drugs and abusive man.I can't get through to her.She blames me and thinks I am going against her and taking her children away from her. I can manage raising this 13 yr old but when you combine a 2 yr on me also to raise,then its way too much. I am struggling with putting the 2 yr old with a foster parent.......altho,I do know a foster parent who I like very much and would be a good solution....its just my getting down to doing it. I feel like I'm giving away my own flesh & blood........its so hard and painful.
Thank you both for your advise. I needed that!!!

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