XP from Baths: Uh-Oh, the tile is too tall!!

alku05June 28, 2011

So the carpet went in our master bedroom on Friday and it became obvious that the height of our bathroom tile combined with the backerboard is taller than the carpet edging. This means that we need to find some way of putting in a transition otherwise we're worried the tile edge will chip or become a toe-stubber over the years as the carpet wears, or at the very least, be a crud-catcher.

Floor guy and GC were here today and talking about getting samples of some rubber piece to use for the transition. I will try my best to reserve judgement until I see the samples, but plastic-y rubber between my carpet and tile seems like it would be uber tacky and cheap looking!

We can't be the first to have this problem, so I'm hoping there's better options out there than rubber. We've got white tile and beige carpet that are meeting up. I'm hoping for some miracle suggestions...

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Marble Threshold is a possibility..Wood transition stained to match vanity or baseboard..another possibility...or double tack strips turned and pinned to allow fabric to flow over tile...could get baggy behind the strips with this theory though. No way..no way..now way do you use rubber track...absolutely a tacky non decor way of transitioning. Floor Guy and GC usually do not know all transition options or what is considered appropriate decor. Good Luck

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