Restoration Hardware Leather Sofa

piscesgirlNovember 30, 2008

We need to get a new leather sofa and are leaning toward the RH Lancaster. We love how deep it is. Does anyone else know of any other couches that are that deep (33" seat depth/39" overall depth)? Any other sofa suggestions?

Also if anyone has any of RH leather sofas....

--How well does their leather (particularly the Brompton Cocoa Leather) holds up over time? We are kind mixed about the "distressed" leather and are curious how it will look over time. Does it wear well? Resist stains/spills?

--How well do RH leather sofas hold up in general (cushions, frame, etc)?

Sale prices----

Our store just got a new Lancaster sofa (the floor model they sold was 4 years getting a floor model anytime soon is out of the question)

Has anyone purchased from a RH outlet or the warehouse sale? I know our local outlet will tell you what they have in stock if you call. Does anyone know if they will do the same at the warehouse sale? We live about a little under 2 hours from the MD warehouse but really don't want to drive that far to find out they don't have what we are looking for. How much do they typically discount their leather couches at the warehouse sale? At the outlet they are 25% off retail.

Does the outlet/warehouse furniture come with a warranty? Our outlet sales person didn't think so. We can get 20% off during the retail store friends and family...I am not sure it is worth an extra 5% savings not to have a warranty on a $4000 couch. Thoughts?


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Hi there,

I to am looking in to Casco Bay's version of the lancaster sofa. It appears almost the same and I am told by Casco that they are the original manufacturer of RH's lancaster (who has since switched to Michell Gold and now Vietnam). But to the person above - is the Casco Bay's as soft? The cushions definitely look a little thicker/bulkier which equates to less softness in my book. Does it have the down seat cushions?

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Latest info: Bari leather sells (2) versions of the 'Lancaster'. Their 'Breno' sofa has the 8 way hand tied springs - but also has a marshall unit (SPRINGS) in the cushions which the RH Lancaster does not have. My guess is this would be a LOT firmer and bouncier than RH's Sofa. They also carry the 'Arliano' - which does not have the marshall unit but also does not have the 8 way hand tied springs either - making this probably much like the version. Neither of these is acceptable to me so I have decided to go with Casco Bay's Lancaster which has the 8 way hand tied springs without a marshall unit - making it - exactly the same as the RH Lancaster. Actually, they use RH's original manufacturer. Hope this helps all those searching.

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I've had a RH Maxwell studio sleeper sofa for 1 1/2 years. I adore it! Bought it at the RH outlet store--they had a special sale going so I got an additional discount off the regular discounted price--paid around $3200. The Brompton Cocoa is slightly darker than I would have chosen, but it is beautiful and for the price...!! I would recommend getting the regular sofa over the sleeper if you don't need it (as I did). My end seat cushions get a little flattened on the inside because of the mattress underneath, but I just rotate and fluff the cushions. It's very comfortable to sit on. The leather gets even softer and richer looking with time. To answer one of the previous questions, the studio size is almost as long, but the depth is also a little less--I have short legs so it is more comfortable for me, but still great for lounging--perhaps a good compromise. Now for the really great feature!! I have two dogs who are constantly jumping up and down--their scratch marks just fade away. You can rub them with your finger and it's a little quicker. This makes it great for dogs and kids. I have had no problems with the frame, etc. I fully expect this to be the last sofa I'll ever want or need--worth every penny!!

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Thanks to all who posted on this forum. I just ordered the Casco Bay version of the RH Lancaster sofa. I got the Brompton leather and nail trim for $3047.00.
Robert from Casco Bay was really nice to work with...I'll inform everyone about the sofa when it arrives at the end of May....thanks again..

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I received my Casco Bay leather sofa today and it is awesome, looks to be
top quality. The leather will take some time to break in other than that it
is great..The actual inside dimensions 73w x 26d x 33 h..The depth will increase
as the sofa leather softens over time....hope this helps

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wow. only a 26" seat depth??? that is definitely NOT the depth of RH Lancaster sofa. You could swim in the RH sofa! :) I thought Casco Bay's was the exact same. perhaps not - but good info to know. enjoy it! and thanks for posting.

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I purchased the Lancaster sofa from Casco Bay last January and I have to agree with Schome. The sofa is awesome. Really good quality. My sofa is 28" deep which is really deep. I thought the one at RH was too deep. I think theirs was 31" or 32". In fact I am thinking about getting the Maxwell from them for my office. My neighbor did buy this from Casco Bay and this sofa is a dead ringer knock off. I measured it last night to make sure it would fit. The overall dimensions were 90W X 45.5D X 35H. The seat was 30" deep.

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???? Can some one tell me the model/serial number off of a Casco Bay Manchester model or from the Lancaster RH model. I belong to a buying group and wanted to see if they can get ahold of them any cheaper. Thank you

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I think the take home message here is that the Casco Bay 'Lancaster' is NOT the Restoration Hardware Lancaster. The Casco Bay sofa may be a great, quality sofa but passing it off as a RH exact copy is an untruth. As a matter of fact, Casco Bay is now calling there's the Manchester - which to me indicates they had an issue somewhere. I bit the bullet and bought the RH Lancaster. this baby is the absolute real deal.
Best purchase i have ever made.

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I purchased the Lancaster Sofa from CascoBayFurniture.Com and I have to agree with Schome and SmoothRider the sofa is beautiful. It is made in North Carolina. I did ask them why they changed the name from Lancaster to Manchester and they said RH objected to their use of the name.

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The previous post by schome
"The leather will take some time to break in other than that it is great.."
should be a warning sign, for quality leathers their is no break-in time, but for bi-cast, buffalo and bonded leather it is a norm.

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Just checking in here with an update on my Casco Manchester sofa. I love this sofa. The 26/27 inch depth if just fine for my wife and I. I am not defending Casco Bay but they advertised this sofa as the Manchester not the Lancaster.
They do however compare it to the Lancaster. So for me it was worth it saving over $1000.00 for an American made sofa versus one made in China. I hope everyone enjoys being a couch potato on the sofa of their choice.....thanks

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I learned about Hancock & Moore leather furniture on this website and just ordered one of their leather sleep sofas in a Class 4 leather (upgrade) for LESS than $4000 delivered inside my house from Annies Furniture. The price they quoted was $1,000 less than my local NJ retailer - absolutely amazing.

I've heard iffy things about RH furniture from a top salesman in one of their NJ locations (don't want to get anyone in trouble here, so I'll leave it at that). You might be better served and less likely to even need your warranty, to buy an H&M leather sofa.

I bought the "City" sleep sofa in the shorter of two available lengths. Dimensions are H36" W83" D38" (Inside W 63" Inside D 20.5") and was quoted $3800.

H&M also makes a longer "City" sleep sofa with depths of 41", inside 23"

We also considered another sleep sofa called the "September" which was much bigger with a depth of 44", inside depth of 20.5" It was too large for our space, so we didn't get a quote.

These are, of course, sleep sofa measurements and likely are different for the regular versions without the sleeper inside. H&M also sells a wide variety of sofas which I'm sure are much deeper than these examples. I'm sure Nick at Annies' Furniture would love to help you find a nice, deep one!

I'll post a link to the Hancock & Moore site if you are interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hancock & Moore website

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I just received my version of the Lancaster from Maple's Leather Furniture in NC. It was priced at $2890.00 with a free freight promotion. I love it, they modified the length to fit into my flat, Zoe was awesome. I really wanted the RH stlyle but was horrified with the price for a chinese import. The depth is just as roomy as the RH style and I really feel like it is better made. Best of all it took 4 weeks total.They shipped to AL no problem, and none of this threshold buisness they brought it in and placed it in the room.

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I did consider the Lancaster from Maples Furniture. I found out that it was made in Canada from a friend of mine that purchased it. I also found a local store who carried this sofa. They called it the Dalton and I seriously considered it. What I didn't like about it was that it was firm almost bouncy to sit on. I asked the salesperson at the store why it sat like this and she told me there were springs inside the cushions. I didn't want a sofa that was too deep and I did measure the depth it was 26" which was fine with me. I ended up not purchasing this sofa due to the seating.

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When I lived in NYC, I always wanted to like the RH
furniture. Found the upholstery details sorely wanting.
Just plain sloppy work. Recently I've been admiring
the Hamilton...perfect size and look for me. But
the leather is not lovely and soft and the pictures
of it show the same sloppy details. So, tho it's a great
shape etc., just can't shop RH. Feel it's less than
wonderful furniture.

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I've been looking at the Restoration Hardware sofa for about 4 years. A friend of mine bought one back then. I just purchased a sofa almost identical to the Restoration Hardware sofa from a store here in Dallas called The Luxury of Leather and we love it. I actually think that its a better product than the one you get at RH. In addition to being made in the USA (they make their furniture right here in Dallas...Carrollton, TX to be exact) came with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 5 year warranty against accidental damage. (Spills/Stains, Cuts, Tears, etc.) And since the economy is still in the tank, I negotiated an unbelievable price of $2500 all in. (tax and delivery included) True to the Luxury of Leather's policy, they built and delivered our couch in less than 14 days from the day we purchased it. This couch is a beast. In fact it is so big its almost like having a whole cow in your living room. The dimensions are 100 inches long by 46 inches deep by 36 inches high. I even got invited by the owner to come out and take a tour of the manufacturing facility where I got to see them cutting the frame, cutting out the patterns, sewing the leather etc.

Here are some pics of my sofa in my living room:

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I have been interested in buying the Lancaster sofa or something similar to it for some time, but I don't want to buy a sofa made in China and I don't want to buy one made with sinuous springs. I want 8 way hand tied spring construction so it will last. The Restoration Hardware sofa is made in China. Most of the sofas online are made with sinuous springs. I also want a kiln dried hardwood frame with dowels and corner blocks. I was curious about the sofa pictured above from The Luxury of Leather so I went to their website. This sofa was missing some quality features I was looking for. To begin with the suspension is not 8 way hand tied but rather an elasticized cloth webbing. They call it "polypropylene webbing suspension". In spite of what they say on their website my research has revealed that this type of suspension does not last and sags. The don't seem to offer a down seat cushion either. It is foam cushion with fibre around it. I guess I will need to do more research and keep looking.

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For those that purchased the Manchester from Castco Bay--

(1) Does it "sit" as well as the Restoration Hardware? Does it give you that great sunk-in feeling?

(2) How's the leather quality for the Brompton leathers?

I think there are plenty of people who would appreciate your feedback--its difficult to decide to purchase when you have not sat on the real thing!

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We did purchase the Manchester from Casco Bay. The sofa was well made and very comfortable. The leather was what we had hoped for and appeared to be the same leather we had seen at Restoration Hardware. No complaints. We were very pleased with our purchase.

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Just purchased the Madison leather queen sleeper sofa from Casco Bay Furniture ( It's the equivalent of RH's Maxwell sleeper. I got it for $2600 delivered with a five year warranty. Just priced it out on the Restoration Hardware website and it is $5600 delivered (with 6% sales tax in MI)!

I'm not sure if I even need to say anything else. The salesman at Casco Bay, Robert Allen, was conscientious beyond expectation and really in my opinion epitomizes quality customer service. Although I don't think they can advertise that it is the same sofa, apparently they approached RH's former manufacturer once RH outsourced it overseas and are now selling it directly.

I'll add this: I am a physician, I pay way too much attention to detail, so believe me when I say this sofa is the exact same thing at less than half the price.

Their phone number is: (603)303-5360.

ANSWERING YOUR QUESTION ABOUT HOW IT SITS: Right now, it's way more firm. I thought that I maybe got foam pad inserts instead of the down, but when I called Robert from Casco Bay he said that they only sell the down, which I confirmed by opening it up and looking. He says that the cushions are put in by machines and thus there is a lot of air in them when you first get them. Also stated that when these are new on the floor they are a lot more firm than they end up being. He recommended putting a blanket over them and walking on them for awhile. I am going to take it a step further and put something big and heavy on them to see if that does the trick. Feel free to message me in a few months and I'll let you know how they're breaking in.

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I think I am going to go with Casco. Just one question, do they negotiate, or are the prices are what they are?

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RH has a Mother's Day sale going on now at their website:
Save $100 on every $500.
Offer valid only for purchases made from May 4-10, 2010. Use code RHMTR15 to redeem by phone or enter at checkout when ordering online.

Here is a link that might be useful: RH Mother's Day Sale

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I purchased the Maxwell Sofa from Casco Bay last fall for my office. I am also thinking of getting their version of the Buster chair and would like to know if anyone has purchased these. I contemplated getting the Maxwell as a sleeper but after a bit of investigation concluded that a sofa would be more comfortable than a sleeper. It took a little while for the cushions and the Brompton leather to break in but now that they have I find the sofa to be exceptionally comfortable. All in all I am very happy with this sofa and it looks great in my office.

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Unhappy with the services that Casco Bay Furniture provides. Haven't received the couch yet and it's going on 3 months. Everything from confusion over payment to not being able to get an answer on couch delivery has me extremely irritated. I will never use them again and will never recommend them to anyone. Trying to save a few bucks by going with this company instead of Restoration Hardware has left me with a headache.

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Dear Unhappy 82 we are sorry your order has been delayed. Sometimes there can be manufacturing delays that are beyond our control such as leather delays or delays with the delivery service. Our ultimate objective is for you to receive a high quality damage free product. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will do everything possible to assist you. CascoBayStaff

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I think that Casco Bay may be running a bait and switch. I called three weeks ago and asked about the Madison Leather Sofa that was listed on sale on their webpage. $1,888 for a 90 inch, $1788 for a loveseat. I was told that they weren't selling the sofa any more because it was below their quality standards due to manufacturing issues and that's why it was on sale in the first place. I was of course pushed to the regular priced items. Oddly enough after three weeks guess what is still listed on their website? Tread lightly my friends something is a miss.

Here is a link that might be useful: Casco Bay Madison Sale

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Dear Prime Research,

We manufacturer the Madison sofas from our specialty factory in North Carolina. This sofa is made to the highest standards and we include made extras at no additional charge. We make this set in a wide variety of sizes, depths and cushion options. Some of our customers had asked us for a more promotionally price sofa with quality features. We were able to offer a promotionally priced Madison sofa in one size, and one depth and one cushion arrangement from another manufacturer. The promotional sofa offered at $1888 did not include some of the free extras we usually offer. However we found that the promotional sofa did not meet our standards in a few areas such as packaging. We took the sofa offered at $1888 off-sale until such time as the manufacturer could make the needed changes. We anticipated that these changes would be made. As this has yet to happen in spite of our efforts we have decided to remove this promotion from our site. Please call if you have any questions. The Staff At Casco Bay

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I purchased the Manchester sofa from The sofa is very deep, however, not as deep as the one at Restoration Hardware. The sofa is extremely good quality, the leather feels heavy and the construction is what you would expect from American made products. I was disappointed however with the delivery. The guys placed the sofa in my living room and brought in all the cushions and after inspecting the sofa, I signed the delivery invoice. I was leaving the house after they left and as I was backing out I noticed that they had broken the freestanding light along my walkway to the front door. They didn't even tell me and they accepted my tip which really irritated me. I called the delivery company immediately and then when I didn't hear from them, I called Robert at Cascobay and he's never gotten back to me. It's been two months. Since then, I've repaired the light. With this economy, I don't think it's smart for these people to do this to their customers. Where do they think they get their business from? I have neighbors that come over and ask about the sofa. What will I say?

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Dear Everhartd We did report the broken light to the delivery company after your call. As a rule the delivery company is excellent and we receive many compliments about their service. The sofa you ordered is 112" and over 300 lbs and difficult to carry; perhaps the drivers didn't realize they broke the light. We are sorry for the broken light and sorry that no one got back to you regarding your light. As far as the depth we can make this sofa in any depth. The overall depth of your sofa is 48". The depth of the seat is related to the type of construction of the back cushion and the longevity of the cushion. Our down blend back cushion is very well constructed and designed to give you many years of service. With use the back cushion will compress and the seat will deepen. We will make sure you are reimbursed for your light. Robert will call you today and discuss your order with you. The Staff at Casco Bay.

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For the people who bought the Casco Bay Sofa's. How do you like them after owning them a while now?

For the people saying their Casco sofa is not as deep as the Restoration Hardware, are you sure you didn't ordered the 43" deep Sofa? I see two depths offered on the website.

If you did buy the 48" version, how much "less deep" is it? Are we talking inches or centimeters?


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I have a sectional and a loveseat from Casco Bay. I ordered them at different times (I placed the second order after I was happy with the first.)

The sectional, which we've broken in and have had longer, has a seat depth currently of about 32". The newer loveseat (we've had it a month or less) is around 30.5" deep currently.

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Late to the game, I worked at Restoration Hardware when the Lancaster rolled out... it was originally called the Bubba (all signage was shipped out in '04 as Bubba then we had to have it unsigned on the floor until they changed to Lancaster). If I remember correctly the original manufacturer was Lee Industries... it was one of the first Lee Industries sofas that they sold. Previously they had Mitchell Gold and an unfortunate run with HH Hyatt...

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Hi Opeala:

I know this is an older threat, but I'm about to buy a leather sectional from Maple's Leather and I wanted to know how is yours holding up...?

Did you order the seat cushions with the springs inside or no?

How is the overall sofa holding up..leather wise, cushion sagging?


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