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marjenJune 30, 2013

Hey All,

So I am looking to remove our disgusting rugs from the upstairs and replace with some kind of wood. Thinking engineered but might go bamboo. Anyway I am looking at where I should purchase, HD or Lowes? Directbuild? LL? Looking for internet purchase most likely. I need to avoid this place because everytime I think i know what I want I come here and read bad things about the floor or the company :) It cant all be bad can it??

I have bamboo in first floor, calibamboo. Not crazy about. Parts have held up well but It is terrible with any sort of water. Actually fine in kitchen so far, but by one door the finish is all coming up, so dont think I want to go with them again. But was thinking maybe bamboo just so the whole house was same species.

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A real flooring center, stay away from box stores and LL if you want a quality product. A good flooring center will provide the service your looking for at a reasonable price.

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Well I am going to give direct build a try. I really like the look of the Jasper handscraped maple latte. engineered floor. So far CS has been great, they sent me a bunch of free samples with free overnight delivery. After I narrowed it down based on the samples they are letting me order a single box to check board straightness, color, length etc. So even though the website has a "minimum" order, they let me just get 1 box. I will see what the product looks like when it arrives.

FYI this is for a 2nd floor balcony/hallway and 2 kids rooms.

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marjen, how old is your calibamboo and was it exposed to snowmelt/water in entry to sustain damage? Or why has it not held up? Fine all other places? I am looking into using calibamboo, so am looking for real life stories on how the flooring has held up/wears, so thankful to finally find one! Thanks for the help!

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