tinam61June 2, 2012

We're enjoying glorious weather the last couple of days - thanks to Beryl. Sunny and today's high is supposed to be 75!! We're almost 20 degrees cooler than last weekend. This next week the warmest high is 82, predicted. Looks like a wonderful week coming up! We're taking advantage of the cooler temps and continuing our yard project.

We had rain Thursday night and yesterday (early AM) from Beryl, so I've not had to water for a couple of days either. Sweet!

Hope it's nice where you are and that you are out enjoying it!!


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Our conditions and forecast sound almost identical, which is so often the case when you post weather reports, Tina!
I'm sure our summers are far more humid than yours once they really get going though!

We had bucket fulls of rain last night. It was truly a torrential downpour, but I still needed to water some of my things at noon today! We've had some heavy duty rainfall this month, but I have plants in shade, part shade, part sun, & fuller sun, and those sunnier sections have significantly bigger demands for water!

I am out just about every day regardless of the weather, sweeping, picking up and cleaning up, dead-heading, even if I don't need to water. We have a sprinkler system that helps with the watering too. Our grass sure couldn't survive the summer without it.

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I should probably shut down the computer because I'm sitting here in the middle of a thunderstorm????!!!! Now, where I live having a thunderstorm at this time of year (or ever) is just stupid. We've had hail, torrential downpour and now thunder today. Fortunately I got my run in before all this started.

We are, over all, cooler than normal and cloudier than normal.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Today has been glorious! Lots of storms last night, so we are also cooled off. I got lots of planting done-well as much as I could before my back got tired! More to do tomorrow which is also supposed to be a grand day.

Stinky, isn't it amazing how we can get so much rain and then still have areas of the yard/garden that are dry as a bone? Jeepers, makes me nuts!

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I envy all of you the rain. I have to create my own.

We did have an unusual cool morning with low humidity. Very rare in June! It'll probably be October before we have another.

Took advantage of the nicer temps and did a little cleanup in the yard this afternoon ... trimmed a few things and pulled weeds. We're eating boiled crawfish on the porch tonight.

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We're grilling tonight. A bit later. Hubby is now mowing. We have been outside all day long other than breaks and one run out for more pine straw. I think we got a bit warmer than 75 but a nice breeze all day.

Stinky - it's usually later in the summer that I will need to water daily. Hopefully we will not have a drought this year. We do get alot of humidity but later - although we've had several humid days in the last couple of weeks. We do not water our lawn. We have a bit over an acre - no way we can do that. Thankfully, we've never had it die out - it's gotten terribly brown looking, but it always comes back. I now mulch all my potted plants and use only glazed (creamic?) or terra cotta pots. They seem to hold the moisture better. I mulch with the fine shredded cypress or spanish moss (pots). Only my big copper boiler is not mulched.

After last week on the lake, Monday and today and a couple of afternoons in the yard, I am pretty tan. And that is with my SUNSCREEN! No burning at all though.

Hubby cut our huge lilac today. It is to the roof on the tallest peak of our house (one end of the house) - almost. It is huge and we were very concerned about the roots and the foundation. Also the soil there has really settled - to a slope. So the lilac had to go. Stump to still be dug up, dirt added. I'm doing oak leaf hydrangeas in that area.

Next job is to rent a lift to clean siding/trim. We have siding in the area around the sunroom and patio. Then maybe we can get back to indoor projects!!

Natal - ya'll didn't get any rain from Beryl? My hubby actually put on a light jacket last night (he was night fishing)!! Wish it would stay this way a while!!


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Tina, our weather systems typically come out of the west.

Be careful with that tanning. You don't have to burn for skin to be damaged.

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Perfect day today - 75, sunny, low humidity. Ran some errands then sat on the deck and read, laid on the dock down at the lake and took a nap, went for a walk, did some yard work. Loved it!! And I also love having all the windows and doors open!!

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Stinky - I barely got home last night across the James River Bridge in those buckets of rain. Then turned on TV only to find out I had just left the area in Hampton the tornado ripped through. But today's weather was terrific!

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well, our day was perfect until a thunderstorm with 50 mph winds hit! LOL And it was gone as quickly as it showed up.

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Cyn, yes it is amazing that watering can possibly be necessary for any plant after storms like last night's!

Javachik, oh dear! Crossing the James River Bridge in that deluge was no picnic, I'm sure. Glad you made it without incident and escaped Hampton's tornado as well! (May I ask what city you live in?)

Tina, I understand the tree had to go, but it's so sad to take one away isn't it? Especially a fragrant beauty like a lilac! You'll find something else for the spot, no doubt.

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We've been cloudy and HUMID as all get out. Sprinkles occasionally, but mostly temperate weather. Thursday I was out in the field and it was overcast and about 70, but the humidity was at least 90%. I had to wear a hard hat that day, and because it'd been drizzly, I didn't use sunscreen. BIG mistake, I got a sunburned face!

Yesterday was also very humid, I was out setting up for a garage sale and I was dripping. We don't usually get high humidity. Then today it sprinkled a tiny bit, and the wind picked up from the coast and blew it all away. It got CHILLY, but sunny & gorgeous.

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The last week has been hot and humid but last night we had a severe storms roll through (tornadoes which are not common here, and flash flooding). Today was glorious - low humidity, mid-70s with sun and a light breeze. It was PERFECT. The next week is supposed to have similar weather so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts! I was excited to turn off the A/C which I HATE and open my windows. I try to leave them open as long as possible and only close them when the humidity is unbearable.

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Oh I know Natal - and I'm not trying to tan. When we had the sunscreen thread I mentioned what I use - 50 on body and I think it is 70 on my face. And always a visor which helps protect my face. But I love being outside! I'm fair but I do tan easily, but not darkly (deeply?), which is fine. The sunscreen I use is for UVA/UVB.

Stinky - yes, it was sad. The worst thing is we've had that lilac since our first house. It was a cutting from good friends - from their homesite in NC. We kept a couple of cuttings and I have a good spot for a new bush. AWAY FROM THE HOUSE! LOL Oakleaf hydrangeas will go in the bed where the lilac was.

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Ours has been in the high 70's, low 80's and very breezy. Often this time of year we get the "May gray" and the "June gloom", which I hate, but haven't had much of that this year.

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Beautiful day here too! Got to about 73 degrees with just a light breeze. Worked in the garden all day. Deadheading the roses and digging up and re-arranging one bed. Hated to come in tonight. Stayed out until after dark; it was beautiful with the full moon. Planning on getting up early as tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer, maybe low 80's. Want to get the garden room done tomorrow.

Further north of us (about 3-4 hours)they had frost last night!

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I'm jealous.

Central Texas doesn't mess around. We had a high of 93 and at almost midnight it isn't much cooler. I really hope we have some rain this year. I can handle the heat as long as there's some rain in the forecast once in awhile.

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We've had a cool week up here in Fargo, ND!

Earlier this spring, we were very warm and dry! People buyin' lots of sprinklers, hoses, etc. The previous 3 years were pretty wet. Had a good rain earlier this week though.

Today was about 80 I think. BEAUTIFUL light winds and puffy clouds! Sounds like a nice week comin'-up too!


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Stinky, I live in Carrollton.

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I'm about 2 hours north of Seattle (Vancouver). Any body want some cool rainy weather - do come and get it. We are currently at a high of about 15C ( ~60F) and that is about 5-6 degrees below normal. That temp difference is the difference between cool and warm. It's also cloudier than average for this time of year. Last summer wasn't all that great either.

However I shouldn't complain. We never have to sprinkle our lawns, even if they turn brown they will be green again by November and we only sprinkle our gardens a couple of times a week. We never get drought conditions and I do feel sorry for those that suffer through that. Parts of the country had very low snow pack this year and forest fires have already started and are a real concern this year.

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Natal, when I lived in Louisiana, my favorite thing was the thunder storms this time of year. Are you guys in a drought or something?

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Lukk, last year's drought has ended, but we may be headed in that direction again. Ten years ago daily summer afternoon showers were common. Now they're practically non-existent. All part of the changing climate.

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Javachik, thanks so much for your reply! Nice area you live in!

Sunday before last, my sis, her dh, my dh & I, drove out to Suffolk and Smithfield to gawk at old houses and see if any interesting antique stores came across our path. We did find some adorable ones in Smithfield (what a cute downtown they have! I'm going back!) but didn't find any in Suffolk, and I know they're there! My sis said at one point, "Hmmm...maybe they're in Carrollton?" Are they?

I really like your neck of the woods. It's such an entirely different world over there. I want to see Smithfield at Christmas, and eat at the Smithfield Inn, which I haven't done in years (I was gone for 15 years. Born in Portsmouth & now live in VA Beach.) I'm getting reacquainted with Hampton Roads and its environs. Things really changed while I was gone. Are you a native?

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Stinky - Not a native. Raised in DC and suburbs and moved around a lot the last 30 years. Moved here in 2005 for work (Langley AFB). REFUSED to live in Hampton-Newport News area and didn't want to drive in from Williamsburg or VAB. It is easier to get around on this side of the James and I do my weekend shopping in Suffolk.

Sorry I can't advise on antiquing in the area. No longer in the market (for antiques or "acquiring") so haven't really looked. Smithfield Inn has undergone a couple of changes since I've been here. Love eating in the garden area (when the weather cooperates). Better yet is eating at Smithfield Station on the Pagan River.


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Hi Javachik! Nice to hear more about your life. Very interesting.

So, you worked at! Are you retired now? My brother in law just retired from working at NASA for over 30 years! He commuted all those years from Portsmouth!

Are you going to settle down in Carrollton, or do you think another move is in your future? DC/NOVA is SO fabulous, but SO expensive too!

I know what you mean about not being in "acquisition mode" anymore. My sis bought a house recently, so she's open to possibilities, but really, she's pretty much furnished and accessorized the house. I'm pretty much "done," too, but am open to finding some old, unusual, inexpensive piece of art, so I like to look at those items. Frankly, I think we just like to LOOK, period!

The only thing I bought that day from an antique place was a necklace! I love it and have already worn it several times. On our outing we also hit Belks in Suffolk (we're SO exciting) and I got two summer dresses & two shrugs there on sale! Whoo hoo!

Will definitely tell sis about Smithfield Station! That's going to be on our "must-do" list now! We always like finding a good place to eat! Thanks for the suggestion.

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Oh, and Tina...I know this was a major hijack! Sorry! Funny how talking about the weather can lead to other conversations! Thanks!

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No need to be sorry! I'm always on the look-out for a good place to go antique shopping. Hubby and I have done many road trips antiquing! LOL Some wonderful shops up through Virginia into West Virginia - we did a trip up through there several years ago.

Hijack away!


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