My Grandmother (memories)

emmaDecember 25, 2012

Every time I think of Grandparents I think of my Grandmother on my Dad's side of the family. She was very old when I was a young child and I loved to sit with her while she peeled fruits or veggies. She always sat in her rocker on the front porch if the weather was warm. She talked to me and listen to me and gave me a piece of whatever she was peeling. She always had hard candy for us. She had very long hair which she never washed because it was very long and she could not wash it by herself. It sounds awful I know but that was 67 years ago and she was at least 80 then, standards were a little different then. She would comb her hair with a very fine tooth comb when she took her braids down. She also had her walls covered with pictures of the Dionne Quintuplets and pictures of flowers from catalogs. She also hid money in magazines and books, a dollar here, a dollar there. When she died they had to look in every nook and cranny of her home. They found around $400. Her entire front yard was a flower bed and she gave the guys a bad time if they threw a cigarette butt in her flowers. She also told them that was another nail in their coffin.

Do you have any fond memories of your grand parents.

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One set had a ranch and I spent alot of time during the summers. Learned to milk cows, gather, clean,candle and get eggs ready to sell at a local market, make butter to sell, make pies, cook chicken (as well as a 10 yeo could), find rattlesnakes, help grandpa deer hunt, I tracked, uncles shot, picked blackberries, and really had fun. When we went to other GP's in AZ, loved to go walking with my Gp (step), as he went to talked to the Indians, picked up rocks, turquoise, fed the birds, pulled weeds, and just really enjoyed them. Wish I could have spent more time. He was from England and still had a accent. My other GP raised gourds and dried and sold them. He also collected tiny bottles and I still have quite a few of them Did not see much of him because of problems between my folks and him. But he was always nice to me.
Lots of good memories on all sides.

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I would have loved doing what you did. I did not know it at the time, but I had/have a great love of the outdoors.

My grandparents were to old to do anything but garden a bit. I did not know any them well except this one grandmother.

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In my momeries granny always very old, even when I was very little.Grandma has a complete of seven kids, his dad is one of the tiniest son, before he had two siblings and four bros, it is said that there are two delivery passed away soon.No past close relatives preparing, even if do not want to, can't manage to have no way, kids or one by one, so I was created dad granny provided him a name -- feet /, significance is enough, doesn't want any more.

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