Grandkids gifts

jennDecember 3, 2001

What kind of gifts are you giving your grandkids for the holidays? I think a big gift (like a trike) and a few little things is nice, but that also seems like a lot (and will get expensive when more grandkids come along). For the little ones who are too young to have preferences, do you give a few little things, one big thing, or what?

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In our family, grandparents tend to give one modest gift ($20-25 range is pleanty) to each grandchild and leave the big toys to the parents or Santa.

Yes, do consider the consequences of more gk coming along. My MIL started putting away $1/week to give her first grandchild a savings bond each year for her birthday--that wasn't so bad, but now there are many grandkids and great grands--that's many hundred $$$/year for someone on a fixed income. I'd be very supportive if she stopped, but my SIL isn't one to let a penny get away from her or her kids. Remember that over the years your income level may change and it's hard to cut back on gifts, no one ever understands. Best to start out as you mean to go on.

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With the older ones (teens) I give money and they really like that. The little ones, I consult with their mother (my daughter) and she gives me a suggested list and I pick and they let her know so we don't duplicate. But then I pick up things during the year and try not to overwhelm them at Christmas. Both families are a distance from me and I don't see them too much.

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