granddaughter starting to crawl. . .

chery2December 7, 2003

Emma turned 8 months today and, until now, has been rolling to get where she wants to go instead of crawling. Now that she's up on hands and knees, I wonder if someone has an idea for a way for me to decorate the side of my island she'll be crawling by -- maybe with some safe to-do things for her? All ideas welcome. TIA, chery2

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Isn't it exciting? My granddaughter Eme (Emerson) will be turn 9 months on Christmas day. When she bagan crawling, my DIL bolted the entertainment center and bookcase to the wall! She placed baskets on the lower shelves to hold some of Eme's toys. A favorite is The Cat in the Hat stuffed toy and an unbreakable baby mirror purchased at Toys R Us. Nesting cups and balls to put in them and take out of them and put in them and take out of them...well, you get the idea. Babies are big on repetition.

I'm a new gramma too, so I'll be interested to hear others weigh in with advice.

By the way, this is my first time posting here. I'm usually over at Kitchens.

Eme's Gram aka Dolly26

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Hi, Dolly! It's my first time on this forum too. Thanks for your good ideas. Last night we watched Emma crawl over to an end table w/ drawers and PULL open the bottom drawer. She then did something like a chin-up so she could see INTO the drawer. So amazing! Her favorite things are keys [real] in a bunch and remote controls. I'm wondering how you pronounce Eme -- is it like Emma, or like Emmy? Or maybe something else? I love the name EMERSON for a girl. Many of my sophomore girls went by their male-sounding middle names: Carter, Allen, Davis, Beacon, Lee -- for some reason they all seemed more confident than their girl friends. Roar!
chery-va -- Sure is COLD outside today!

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